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  1. The___is fractured more often than any other bone.
  2. The joint between a tooth an alveolar socket is called____.
  3. The movement in which one end of an appendage remains relatively stationary while the other end makes a circular motion is
  4. A soft callus forms during
  5. Which of these is a first class lever?
  1. a the atlanto-occipital joint
  2. b gomphosis.
  3. c Circumduction.
  4. d Clavicle
  5. e the healing of a fracture.

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  1. Humerus.
  2. hydroxapatite.
  3. an ifraorbital foramen.
  4. the mandibular notch.
  5. sagittal.

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  1. A small rounded process is called a ___ while a massive process is called a(n)___.gomphosis.


  2. The axis is the only vertebra withmanubrium and scapula.


  3. A rounded knob that articulates with another bone is called a ?Colles.


  4. If you are moving your head, from side to side to say "no", you are using this type of joint.sprain.


  5. A tendon sheath is a modifiedhyaline cartilage.