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  1. If the pH of blood drops below 7.35, your body is said to be in a state of acidosis. To counteract this acidosis, you would expect your kidneys to excrete more hydrogen ions, your breathing rate to increase to blow off more carbon dioxide, and your bone to
  2. The suture that separates the two parietal bones is called the ___surture.
  3. A structurally classified joint which has no synovial cavity and is held together by ligaments is termed
  4. Bones found in the forearm are
  5. Hydroxyapatite is best described as
  1. a long bones.
  2. b sagittal.
  3. c increase the activity of osteoclasts.
  4. d calcium phosphate crystals in the bone matrix.
  5. e fibrous.

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  1. 14
  2. calcium phosphate.
  3. Lambdoid,squamous
  4. hypocalcaemia.
  5. radius,ulna.

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  1. A fracture of the distal end of the radius and ulna is called aColles.


  2. The protein fibers of the bone matrix are composed offibrocartilage.


  3. If you are moving your head, from side to side to say "no", you are using this type of joint.plantar flexion.


  4. Hemopoiesis typically occurs inthe red bone marrow.


  5. The___ forms by endochondral ossification.Humerus.