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  1. Which of the following skull bones are paired?
  2. Osteoclasts are stimulated, calcium is reabsorbed by the kidneys, calcitriol is formed and osteoblasts are inhibited from forming collagen. The best explanation for these activities is
  3. The ___of a vertebra bears the most weight.
  4. A rounded knob that articulates with another bone is called a ?
  5. The patella and femur form a ___ joint.
  1. a condoyle
  2. b low blood calcium and increased production of PTH.
  3. c parietal.
  4. d centrum.
  5. e gliding.

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  1. Lambdoid,squamous
  2. Circumduction.
  3. abduction.
  4. dorsiflexion
  5. the temporal bone.

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  1. Which of the following is not found in the skull?orturator foramen


  2. The functional and structural classifications that best describe the tibiofibular joint areamphiarthroses, fibrous joint


  3. Most bones develop fromhyaline cartilage.


  4. The cells primarly responsible for the breakdown of bonea dens.


  5. A fibrous joint cannot also bea diarthrosis.