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  1. Which movement is limited to the foot?
  2. A rounded knob that articulates with another bone is called a ?
  3. There are ___ vertebrae and pairs of ribs
  4. The___ forms by endochondral ossification.
  5. A certain lever has a fulcrum at one end, a tendon exerting an effort of 5 cm distal to the fulcrum and acts againt a resistance of 6 cm distal to the effort. What is the mechanical advantage?
  1. a dorsiflexion
  2. b .83
  3. c Humerus.
  4. d 12
  5. e condoyle

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  1. mandibular fossae of the temporal bone
  2. gomphosis.
  3. bursa.
  4. cervical.
  5. Central Canals

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  1. The smooth area of the frontal bone just above the nasal bones is called theColles.


  2. Appositional growth of a long bone has the effect ofincreasing the diameter of the bone.


  3. The sphenoid bone has all of the following features exceptthe coxal joint.


  4. Which one of the features listed below is not found in the ethmoid bone?proximal radioulnar joint between head of the radius and radial notch of the ulna.


  5. To raise your hand and place it on the shoulder of the person standing in front of you involves ____of the shoulder.Flexion