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  1. Bones of the skull and clavicle develop by
  2. The term osseous tissue refers to
  3. The periosteum is a connective tissue sheath which lines the ____of bones and fuses with bones by way of ___ fibers.
  4. The axis is the only vertebra with
  5. If thyroid tumor secreted an excessive amount of calcitonin, we would expect
  1. a an elevated level of osteoblast activity.
  2. b a dens.
  3. c Outer space, perforating
  4. d intramembranous ossification.
  5. e bone only.

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  1. A second class lever/Saddle Joint
  2. the diploe.
  3. flat.
  4. increase the activity of osteoclasts.
  5. .83

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  1. If you are moving your head, from side to side to say "no", you are using this type of joint.plantar flexion.


  2. The ____bone of the skull articulates with the vertebral column.occipital.


  3. The joint between a tooth an alveolar socket is called____.gomphosis.


  4. Calcium homeostasis in adults is maintained mainly byparathyroid hormone.


  5. Fat is stored in themedullary cavity of long bones.