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  1. Bones of the skull and clavicle develop by
  2. Synovial fluid is rich in ___ and ____ which gives it a viscous slippery texture similar to egg white before it is heated into white gel.
  3. Fat is stored in the
  4. Appositional growth of a long bone has the effect of
  5. Which one of the following is the weakest joint?
  1. a intramembranous ossification.
  2. b medullary cavity of long bones.
  3. c albumin,hyalurinic acid
  4. d Ball and socket(head of humerus, glenoid fossa of scapula)
  5. e increasing the diameter of the bone.

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  1. external acoustic meatus.
  2. osteoporosis.
  3. glenoid labrum.
  4. the sacrum and os coxae.
  5. manubrium and scapula.

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  1. A costal cartilage connects each __to the ___.rib, sternum


  2. The head of most ribs articulates with the body of the thoracic vertebra at thecondoyle


  3. Hydroxyapatite refers the crystal of bone which is made primarly ofCollagen.


  4. Osteoclasts are stimulated, calcium is reabsorbed by the kidneys, calcitriol is formed and osteoblasts are inhibited from forming collagen. The best explanation for these activities islow blood calcium and increased production of PTH.


  5. The sphenoid bone has all of the following features exceptregulation of body temperature.