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  1. The use of anabolic steroids by adolescent boys will
  2. Osteoblasts deposit more bone matrix in response to all of the following factors except
  3. Costal faucets are found only on
  4. Hemopoiesis typically occurs in
  5. The cavity in the diaphysis of long bones is called the ____ cavity and commonly contains ____ marrow.
  1. a parathyroid hormone
  2. b Medullary, yellow
  3. c decrease the growth of bone by prematurely closing the epiphyseal plate.
  4. d the red bone marrow.
  5. e thoracic vertebra.

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  1. sagittal.
  2. ball and socket joint.
  3. osteoporosis.
  4. amphiarthroses, fibrous joint
  5. rib, sternum

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  1. Ribs 8 through 10 attach to costal cartilage of rib 7. RIbs 8 through 10 are called____.gomphosis.


  2. The patella and femur form a ___ joint.hinge


  3. Which of these bursae bis not associated with the shoulder joint?orturator foramen


  4. The meniscus is composed offibrocartilage.


  5. The internal and extrenal acoustic meatuses are openings inthe temporal bone.