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  1. An abnormal lateral spinal curvature, which is more common in adolescent girls is called
  2. The use of anabolic steroids by adolescent boys will
  3. Which of the following is not found in the skull?
  4. The head of most ribs articulates with the body of the thoracic vertebra at the
  5. Hemopoiesis typically occurs in
  1. a superior and inferior costal facets.
  2. b orturator foramen
  3. c scoliosis.
  4. d the red bone marrow.
  5. e decrease the growth of bone by prematurely closing the epiphyseal plate.

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  1. elbow
  2. hydroxapatite.
  3. third.
  4. cervical.
  5. parathyroid hormone.

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  1. Osteoclasts are stimulated, calcium is reabsorbed by the kidneys, calcitriol is formed and osteoblasts are inhibited from forming collagen. The best explanation for these activities islow blood calcium and increased production of PTH.


  2. The most serious effect of severe hypocalcaemia is likely to belaryngospasm and suffocation.


  3. The joint between a tooth an alveolar socket is called____.ball and socket joint.


  4. A farmers finger is pulled completely off his hand by a piece of farm machinery. This isan avulsion.


  5. Suppose you cup your hands to hold some water. This action would most likely involvelaryngospasm and suffocation.


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