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  1. The fetal skull has all of the following fontanels except for a/an
  2. If thyroid tumor secreted an excessive amount of calcitonin, we would expect
  3. The joint between a tooth an alveolar socket is called____.
  4. Which lever type is most common in the human body?
  5. The large irregular opening just medial to the syloid process of the temporal bone is the
  1. a external acoustic meatus.
  2. b occipital.
  3. c gomphosis.
  4. d third.
  5. e an elevated level of osteoblast activity.

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  1. collagen.
  2. ball and socket joint.
  3. parathyroid hormone
  4. hinge
  5. pivot

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  1. The funny bone refers to themedial epicondyle.


  2. The hyaline costal cartilage that attaches a rib to the sternum forms___.An inversion.


  3. The term osseous tissue refers tobone only.


  4. Which of the following is not found in the skull?Ball and socket(head of humerus, glenoid fossa of scapula)


  5. Which of these bursae bis not associated with the shoulder joint?olecranon bursa.