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Properties of matter. How does matter change


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Physical change
A change in some properties of matter without forming a different kind of matter
Chemical change
when one or more types of matter change into other types of matter with different properties
There are different examples of physical changes, for example
cutting paper and breaking glass
Physical changes will happen more easily or less easily depending on
the temperature
melting, freezing, evaporation and condesation
are all physical changes
To form a new substance a chemical change
needs to happen
When a chemical changeoccurs, atoms rearrange themselves to
form nee kinds of matter
Evidence of chemical change may include
the release of heat, light, a change in color, a new smell, gas bubbles or the formation of a solid
The rusting of iron , ripening and photosynthesis are
examples of chemical changes
Many chemical reactions can happen without high temperatures,
but they ofthen happen faster if the temperature increases
Chemical changes can
slow down by lower temperatures