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Filippo Brunelleschi & Donato Bramante


Florence Cathedral (dome)

Filippo Bruneleschi (cathedral)



Light weight, easily supported, efficient construction (cut cost), harringbone pattern, and double shelled

The duomo

The dome uses this from gothic architecture

Ribbed vaulting

The dome uses this from roman architecture


The dome is renaissance because?

Uses latern, 3 speed hoist and revolving crane and lantern

Church of San Lorenzo

Filippo Bunelleschi (church?)

Long nave, short transept

Church of San Lorenzo (characteristics)

Leon Battista Alberti (book?)

"De Re Aedifacatoria"

Beauty based on numbers

Leon Battista Alberti believed?

Sant' Andrea, Mantua

Leon Battista Alberti

Completed 18th century, incorporates triumphal arch, temple front, 2 sets pilasters

Sant' Andrea, Mantua (general)

Palazzo Rucella

Leon Battista Alberti (palace?)

Urban palace, non-classic with 3 orders pilasters

Palazzo Rucella (characteristics)

The Palazzo Rucella uses this from the romans


Tempietto (equals the best work when this man was 60)

Donato Bramante

"Little temple"

Tempietto (translated?)

15 ft. diameter, doric peristyle with continuous row


St. Peter's Basilica

Incorporates many architects ideas but eventually finished by Baroque architect

Has paired columns, pedimented windows and pendentives

St. Peter's Basilica (characteristics)

Palladio (Andrea di Pietro)

Greatest architech of 16th century

Villa Rotonda

Palladio (made?)

Symmetrical villa with ordamental pediments above doorway

Villa Rotonda (general)

Why was the dome risky on the Villa Rotonda?



Dome example (London)

Monticello (Thomas Jefferson)

Dome example (U.S)

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