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What questions are humans naturally conditioned to ask?
Why are things the way they are? We want to know the meaning of our own lives and what it means to b human
What is unique about the Christian belief of revelation
Christians believe that God sent his only son to reveal him and/or that God revealed himself through salvation History
What is God's Devine plan of salvation for humans
That we know, love, and serve him
What is philosophy
The investigation of truths and principles using human reason
What is pantheism
The belief that the material world and God are the same
What is polytheism ,
The belief of more than one God (often many)
Redemption literally means
What is Salvation History
The story of God's saving actions in human history
What is God's way of communication
Divine Revelation
The heritage of faith contained in Sacred Scripture and Tradition, handed on in the Church
Deposit of Faith
The living transmission (or "handing down") from one generation to the next of the Church's Gospel Message
Sacred Tradition
Written record of God's revelation consisting of the old and New Testaments
Sacred Scripture
The guidance of the Holy Spirit that enabled the human authors to record faithfully, and without error what God wanted revealed to us for our beliefs
The official teaching office of the church
Why is it important to pay attention to literary forms when reading the bible
You need to know what is literal and what is symbolic to know what the author intended to mean
The study or explanation of a biblical book or passage
Primeval history
Stories or myths about the origins of the earth, humans, other creatures, languages, and cultures
A symbolic story that expresses a spiritual truth or a basic belief about God
Literally means "five scrolls"
Refers to the first five books of the bible
The law handed down to the chosen people by God that they were to live in response to his covenant with them
Summarize the stages of composing Genesis and the other books of the Pentateuch
1. The events of Exodus and God's deliverance of the Israelites of Egypt
2. Laws, speeches, celebrations, stories ant human origins were handed down
3. Authors and editors collected these sources into one narrative
4. The traditions were brought together into the Pentateuch
What are the four sources behind the Pentateuch
Yahwist, Elohist, Deuteronomist, Priestly
What is the purpose of a myth?
To express spiritual truths and basic cultural beliefs
Discuss at least three religious and theological truths that erupt from the first creation account.
1. God blessed the Sabbath and made it holy (according to Catholic beliefs)
2. There is only one God (according to Catholic beliefs)
3. God planned creation (according to Catholic beliefs)
Name one difference between the two creation accounts
In the first account, man and woman are created at the same time while in the second account, woman is created after men
Name three anthropomorphisms in the second creation account
1. He is a potter who molds Adam's body
2. He walked into the garden
3. Breathes the breath of life into the humans
Name a religious and theological truth in the second creation account
God created humans in friendship and harmony and men and women were created for each other (according to the Catholic Church)
How is the creation theme present in a book in the Old Testament other than Genesis (for example, Isaiah, psalms, proverbs)
Creation is present in Psalms because Psalms is basically songs, and God's uniqueness, power, and majesty is stressed in many of them (psalm 104)
What role does Christ have in creation?
Christ is the Word of God who spoke creation into existence, everything was created through him
How is the Holy Spirit involved in creation?
He is the "giver of life" and the "source for all good"
Why do Catholics believe the creation is the work of the Blessed Trinity?
I have no idea
What does the church believe about evolution
They say that if animals have developed over time, it is bc God guided them to
Identify the Pentateuch source:
-Emphasizes the Divine Promises made to the patriarchs and provides the basic outline for the Pentateuch
-calls God Yahweh
Identify the source:
-emphasizes prophecy and the theme of covenant
-Abraham is the central figure
-calls God Elohim
Identify the source:
-means "second law"
-emphasizes morality and living the law
Calls God Yahweh
Identify the source:
-emphasizes worship
-interested in census lists, genealogies, numbers, dates, liturgical procedures, Temple ceremonies, ritual cleanliness, etc.
-calls God Elohim
Original Holiness and Original Justice
The state of man and woman before sin
What is so important about the Paschal Mystery?
It accomplished God's saving plan for us
What even is the Paschal mystery?
The death and resurrection of JESUS CHRIST
What is an example of a religion based on Pantheism?
Do Catholics respect other religions even if they disagree with their belief on creation?
Yes (at least they are supposed to)
How does God make his divine plan known?
Through Divine Revelation
Why are we, humans, here (according to the Catholic Church)?
To know, love, and be called into communion with God
Divine revelation is contain in a single...
Deposit of Faith
After his ascension into Heaven, who did Christ turn over the Deposit of Faith to?
The Apostles
Sacred Scripture is basically another word for ???
The Bible
What is a key component of understanding the meaning of the bible?
Knowing what is symbolic and what is literary
How do we figure out what the authors of the Bible really wanted to say (or want they mean)?
Pay attention to the literary forms
What are two ways to interpret scripture? (Sense)
Literal sense and spiritual sense
What does it mean to look at the literal sense of the bible?
Look at the literal meaning that the words are saying and that is discovered by exegesis
What is the goal of exegesis?
To lead or bring out the biblical author's intentions, purpose, and meaning related to the writing
What are three examples of literary forms in the Old Testament
Anthem, census, debate, (also there are epigram, etiology, genealogy, maxim, and parable)
What does it mean to look at the spiritual sense?
To look at what the words signify
What three subdivisions is the spiritual sense divided into?
1. Allegorical (recognizing its connection with Christ)
2. Moral (how the scripture leads us to act more justly)
3. Anagogical (reminding us that the sacred words are intended to lead us to eternal life)
How was the Christian creation story made?
They looked at other creation stories and were inspired by the other ones
The intention of the author of the creation story was to
Show the Israelites that their God was the only God
The second creation account portrays God in a more .... way
When did humans begin to feel ashamed?
Original Sin (apparently)
Adam and eve were born in a state of
Original holiness and original Justice
Why was the book of Isaiah written?
To comfort and encourage a dishearten people who were in captivity in Babylonia
What is the first stage of salvation history