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Chapter 17: Section 3


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What president had a vigorous foreign policy?
What was Roosevelt's philosophy that he often quoted?
"speak softly and carry a big stick, you will go far"
What did the "big stick" equal for Roosevelt?
naval power
Where did the US set up military governments to restore some control after the Spanish-American War?
Cuba and Puerto Rico
Who did Mckinley make governor of Cuba?
Leonard Wood
What did Wood and McKinley make strides in eliminating?
yellow fever
what did two army doctors figure out was causing the spread of yellow fever?
how was yellow fever virtually eliminated from Cuba in six months?
they got rid of standing water
Who oversaw the new Cuban constitution?
Leonard Wood
Why did the US have Cuba sign the Platt Amendment
Because of the Teller Amendment, the US was unable to annex Cuba, but they were afraid that other world powers would take it
What dud the Platt Amendment do? (4)
-stated that Cuba cannot sign treaties with other nations
-also gave the US rights to annex in Cuban affairs
-US can lease land from Cuba for naval bases and coaling stations
-made Cuba a protectorate
Why do we have the Guatemala bay?
Because the Platt Amendment states that the US can lease land from Cuba for naval bases and coaling stations
a country under the control and protection of another
when did the US troops withdraw from Cuba?
as soon as they accepted the Platt Agreement
How did the United States govern the Philippines and Puerto Rico
as a territory
Foraker Act of 1900
established that the US would appoint the Puerto Rican governor and the upper house of its legislature
Who would elect the lower house?
the citizens
What did Puerto Rico become in 1952
a self governing commonwealth of the United States
What did the Puerto Rican government have power over
most of the domestic affairs
what affairs does the US control in Puerto Rico?
interstate trade, immigration, and military affairs
What two oceans did the Panama Canal connect?
The Atlantic and Pacific
Who originally tried to build a canal off of the isthmus of Panama, but failed?
The French
Who worked on Colombia to get the rights to work on the land they owned to build the Panama Canal
John Hay
Who would not ratify the drafted treaty to build the Panama Canal?
Who was Panama trying to break away from?
What president supported Colombia's independence?
Teddy Roosevelt
What did the US recognize Panama as after they declared their independence from Columbia?
A free republic
What were the 4 main issues while building the Panama Canal?
-harsh working conditions
-shortages of labor
-outbreak of yellow fever
chief engineer and architect of canal project
John F. Stevens
Improved sanitation and health during construction of the Panama Canal
Dr. William C. Gorgas
What is the difference between yellow fever and malaria?
yellow fever you get once, but malaria you can get again and again
what was the key to stopping the spread of yellow fever and malaria?
eliminating the mosquitos
What was the first ship to pass though the Panama Canal?
The SS Ancon
What did the Monroe Doctrine proclaim about the Western Hemisphere
It was off limits to further colonization by European nations
What was the Roosevelt Corollary?
Addition to the Monroe Doctrine asserting America's right to intervene in Latin American affairs
What president used dollar diplomacy?
What was dollar diplomacy?
a policy promoting American economic interests in other countries and using that economic power to achieve American policy goals
President that seceded Taft, and did not believe in dollar diplomacy
President who believed in moral diplomacy
moral diplomacy
the use of AMerican ideals to advance the nation's interests abroad
Where did Wilson have to send marines to quell the rebellions against moral diplomacy?
Haiti and the Dominican Republic
Where did Taft have to send marines to quell the rebellions against dollar diplomacy?