England Renaissance Theater

brief dramatic entertainments
School Drama
written/performed at schools; not for the public
Boys Acting Companies
established by Elizabeth I for court entertainment
University Wit
professional dramatists wrote for boys, paved way for Shakespeare
only indoor theater
trap doors; 3 levels-musician gallery=3rd
announced by flag; penny for admission; minimal sets
Stage and Conventions
Edward Allyen
famous actor
James and Richard Burbage
owners/actor; opened The Theater, constructed the Globe
Philip Henslove
Producer; inventory of props/scenic pieces: trees, City of Rome, rocks, etc.
Christopher Marlowe
"mighty line"-iambic pentameter; secret agent; Tamberlaine the Great, Dr. Faustus
Tamberlaine the Great
Christopher Marlowe, blank verse
Dr. Faustus
Christopher Marlowe; sold soul for sake of knowledge
Ben Jonson
Comedy of Humours; principal character has excess of 1 trait
Isle of Dogs
Ben Jonson; offensive pamphlet ridiculed Protestant power structure
Ben Jonson Plays
Every Man in His Humour; Volpane; Alchemist; Bartholomew Fair
Shakespeare's 1st Folio
response to Jonson's "Complete Works"; edited by John Hemmings and Henry Candell