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brief dramatic entertainments

School Drama

written/performed at schools; not for the public

Boys Acting Companies

established by Elizabeth I for court entertainment

University Wit

professional dramatists wrote for boys, paved way for Shakespeare


only indoor theater


trap doors; 3 levels-musician gallery=3rd

announced by flag; penny for admission; minimal sets

Stage and Conventions

Edward Allyen

famous actor

James and Richard Burbage

owners/actor; opened The Theater, constructed the Globe

Philip Henslove

Producer; inventory of props/scenic pieces: trees, City of Rome, rocks, etc.

Christopher Marlowe

"mighty line"-iambic pentameter; secret agent; Tamberlaine the Great, Dr. Faustus

Tamberlaine the Great

Christopher Marlowe, blank verse

Dr. Faustus

Christopher Marlowe; sold soul for sake of knowledge

Ben Jonson

Comedy of Humours; principal character has excess of 1 trait

Isle of Dogs

Ben Jonson; offensive pamphlet ridiculed Protestant power structure

Ben Jonson Plays

Every Man in His Humour; Volpane; Alchemist; Bartholomew Fair

Shakespeare's 1st Folio

response to Jonson's "Complete Works"; edited by John Hemmings and Henry Candell

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