11 terms

Ch. 2

Conflict And Characterization
Internal Conflict
a struggle in a character's heart or mind
External Conflict
a struggle between a character and an outside force; there are many different types
Man vs. Self
where the main character of the story has a problem or stuggle with him or herself
Man vs. Man
where the conflict arises between 2 or more characters
Man vs. Society
where a main character thinks differently from society or the norm; believing or behaving in a way that is different what is expected and accepted in that society
Man vs. Nature
where a character or characters have to fight against the forces of nature
Man vs. Fate
where a character tries to break away and be free from some predestined path or destiny; can be a conflict between fate and free will
Man vs. Supernatural
where a character or characters fight against elements outside the natural realm
the way a writer reveals the person of a character; a writer can reveal it in 6 ways
Compare and contrast
finding similarities and differences between 2 things
cause and effecct
determining the reason something happens as well as the result of that cause; the cause happens first and the events happens after; events in a plot are often connected by cause and effect