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Chapter 28 Hazardous Materials : Overview


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A state that opts to supersede safety and health regulations put forth by federal OSHA is known as a(n) __________ state
An occupancy or facility where there is high potential for loss of life or serious impact to the community resulting from a chemical release is described as a(n) __________ hazard
Approximately how many chemicals are registered for commercial use in the United States?
By which acronym are the federal regulations detailing hazardous materials response competencies collectively known
Compared to other types of incidents to which first responders are commonly called, hazardous material incidents typically
are more complicated
Defensive hazardous materials operations are those actions taken to
contain the release from a safe distance
How are hazardous materials regulations created
They are issued by government bodies such as OSHA and the EPA
Ideally, when should response to a hazardous materials incident begin
During preincident planning
In general, which factor has the most influence on the actions taken at a hazardous materials incident
The properties of the specific chemicals involved
In hazardous materials preincident planning, once the agency has identified the threats in its jurisdiction, what should the agency do next
Determine how it will respond
OSHA requires refresher training for hazardous materials responders once every _____ months
The bulk of the new chemicals introduced each year fall into one of three categories. Which of the following is one of them
Lawn care products
The DOT definition of hazardous materials focuses on those materials that are
not properly controlled
The HAZWOPER regulations are found in the Code of Federal Regulations, Title
The NFPA defines optional mission-specific competencies for which level of hazardous materials responder
The U.S. Department of Transportation's definition of hazardous materials specifies three entities against which the materials in question can pose an unreasonable risk. Which of the following is one of specified entities
The environment
What does the "S" stand for in the acronym SERC
What does the "W" stand for in the acronym HAZWOPER
What is the detailed profile of a specific chemical's properties that is provided by the manufacturer and/or supplier of that chemical
Material safety data sheet
What is the first defense against danger at a hazardous materials incident
Situational awareness
What is the minimum level of hazardous materials training for a hazardous materials officer
What is the minimum level of hazardous materials training required to enter heavily contaminated areas using the highest levels of personal protection
What is the minimum level of hazardous materials training required to take defensive actions
What is the most critical factor in ensuring your safety on a hazardous materials call
Recognizing that the incident involves hazardous materials
What is the NFPA standard governing the competence of responders to hazardous materials/weapons of mass destruction incidents
What should be the primary focus when preplanning for hazardous materials incidents
Existing threats in the area
Which agency establishes standards for hazardous materials response
All the above
Which committee gathers and disseminates information about hazardous materials to the public
Local emergency planning
Which federal agency enforces and publicizes laws and regulations governing transportation of hazardous materials
Department of Transportation
Which federal agency regulates and governs issues related to hazardous materials in the environment
Environmental Protection Agency
Which federal agency regulates hazardous materials response competencies
Which group within the NFPA produces the hazardous materials response standards
Technical Committee on Hazardous Materials Response Personnel
Which hazardous materials training level consists primarily of recognizing that a problem exists and keeping others away from it
Which law requires businesses that handle chemicals to report the type, quantity, and storage methods for these chemicals to the local fire department
Emergency Planning and Community Right to Know Act
Which NFPA standard deals with various aspects of hazardous materials emergency response
Which of the following actions is permitted for operations-level hazardous materials responders
Closing a remote valve
Which of the following actions is reserved for technician-level hazardous materials responders
Which of the following is a function of the Local Emergency Planning Committee (LEPC)
Collection of material safety data sheets
Which of the following is a hazardous materials awareness-level skill
Secure the incident scene
Which of the following serves as a liaison between local and state levels of authority for issues related to hazardous materials
State emergency response commission
Which personnel level receives more specialized hazardous materials training than the Technician level
Which subsection of 29 CAR 1910.120 covers emergency response
Which types of actions should operations-level hazardous materials responders take
Who is qualified to supervise operations-level personnel engaged in product control tasks
Allied professional