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when the defense kicks to the receiving team and it is caught in the Endzone
A player who blocks for the running back
wide receiver
A player who runs down the field to catch the ball and get ahead of the defense
A player who plays behind the defensive line
The series of plays the offense has
extra point
A kick made after a touchdown worth one point
Field goal
the option to kick the ball instead of a touchdown worth three points
losing possession of the ball while running or being tackle
The exchange of the ball between players
incomplete pass
a pass that falls or gets dropped
A pass caught by a defensive player
line of scrimmage
A invisible line where the ball is placed to start the play
when the offense kicks the ball away from their end zone instead of fourth down
red zone
when of the opposing team enters the 20 yard line
advancing the ball by running
Worth two points earned by tackling an offensive player in their endzone
special teams
The players on the field during a kick or punt
false start
when a player moves before the snap
when a player is over the line of scrimmage
pass interference
when a defensive player blocks an offensive player from catching the ball or vice versa
turn over
when the team with possession of the ball loses possession of the ball
first down
10 yards needed for
four downs
amount of chances to get a first down
yellow flag
thrown by a referee when there is a problem with the play
A red shirt freshman
A student that is a sophomore but playing for their first year