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Tells a clear story
Includes charactors that change over time
Presents a conflict and resolution
Surprises, chanenges, and entertains the reader
Informs or explains
Informs the reader about a topic
Expains something interesting or curious
Focuses on making a topic clear
Anticipates and answers the reader's questions
Includes details that add information, support key ideas, and help the reader make personal connections
To construct an argument
States a position clearly and sticks with it
Offers good sound resoning
Proviides soild facts, opinions, and examples.
revals weakness in other positions
Uses voice to add credibility and show confidence.
is the series of related events that make up the story
tells who the main charactor or charactors are and what the conflict or problem is. The start of the story
Is the dramatic struggle between two forces in a story. No confict no plot
Rising Action
The series of conflict and crisis in the story that lead to the climax
the Turing point, the most intense moment either mentally or in a action.
Falling action
All of the action whitch follows the climax
the conclusion, the tying together of all the threads.
a person or figure that is part of a story.
by reading the struggles in the story we often learn about
Direct Characterization
The writer tells readers directly what a charactor is like.
Indirect Characterization
The writer reveals characters' traits through