For Chapter 3 Test - The English Colonies in North America

Roger Williams believed in religious freedom and tolerance and founded the colony of ________________ ___________________.

Rhode Island

The Quakers (known for religious freedom and being against war and slavery) are associated with which colony?


James Oglethorpe set up which colony as a haven for English debtors?


Which colonial region was known for self-government?

New England Colonies

Which colonial region is this? rocky soil, harsh winters, coastal lands and natural harbors that are good for fishing, whaling and shipping

New England Colonies

Which colonial region is this? warm summers, mild winters, rivers, swamps, and good soil for farming cash crops

Southern Colonies

Which colonial region is this? mild climate good for farming grains (known as the BREAD BASKET COLONIES) and lots of rivers for transporting goods

Middle Colonies

Which of the three colonies depended on the ocean for its economy and had natural harbors, abundant forests, and a short growing season?

New England Colonies

What provided the basis for self-government in the Plymouth Colony?

The Mayflower Compact

What colony was set up by English Catholics?


What colony used to be owned by the Dutch and was known as New Netherlands?

New York

TRUE OR FALSE: Colonial farmers settled near the Appalachian Mountains because it made transportation of goods and crops by water easier.

FALSE - They settled near the oceans and coastal waterways.

In which colony were the towns of Harrisburg and Philadelphia?


In which colony were the towns of Plymouth, Salem, and Boston?


What was known as the first representative assembly in the colonies?

Virginia House of Burgesses

Colonial settlers first came to Plymouth Colony, Maryland, and Pennsylvania in order to secure their ___________ freedom.


The plantation system in the Southern Colonies (aided by fertile soil and warm climate) was known for growing...

cash crops

The following settlers came from which CONTINENT: English, Swedish, German, Scottish, French, Scotch-Irish?


The following describes which of the three colonial regions: large farms, moderate growing season, fertile soil for growing grains, near rivers navigable for transportation.

Middle Colonies

The following describes which of the three colonial regions: Triangular trade, shipbuilding, fishing, lumber, rocky soil, harsh winters.

New England Colonies

The following describes which of the three colonial regions: Large plantations, long growing season, swamps and marshlands, main crops are tobacco, rice, and indigo - CASH CROPS.

Southern Colonies.


Plymouth, Salem and Boston were in which colony?


What is an indentured servant?

a laborer who agreed to work without pay for a certain period of time in exchange for passage to America


goods sent to another country


goods brought into a country

First written Constitution in the Colonies

Fundamental Orders of Connecticut

The differences in the 3 colonial regions were due mainly to ________________________ differences.


TRUE OR FALSE: The English colonies were founded by people with various goals, from money making to following their faith.


What was the backcountry?

The dense forest and rushing streams that run along the Appalachian Mountains; the western frontier of original 13 colonies

Define established church

...the official religion of the state / country

What is the significance of 1607?

Jamestown, the first permanent English settlement in the North America, was established.

What is the significance of 1620?

The Mayflower Compact was signed by the Pilgrims in Massachusetts. This document was an example of colonists governing themselves in the New World (self-government).

Who founded the colony of Connecticut?

Thomas Hooker

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