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Succession and Symbiosis

Chapter 4 sections 4.2 and 4.4 Biology Miller
the area where an organism lives, including the biotic and abiotic factors that affect it
full range of physical and biological conditions in which an organism lives and the way in which the organism uses those conditions
keystone species
a species that is critical to the functioning of the ecosystem in which it lives because it affects the survival and abundance of many other species in its community
A close relationship between two organisms in which at least one of the organisms benefits
symbiotic relationship in which both species benefit from the relationship
the relation between two different kinds of organisms when one receives benefits from the other without damaging it
the relation between two different kinds of organisms in which one receives benefits from the other by causing damage to it (usually not fatal damage)
ecological succession
(ecology) the gradual and orderly process of change in an ecosystem brought about by the progressive replacement of one community by another until a stable climax is established
Primary succession
succession that occurs on surfaces where no soil exists
Secondary succession
succession following a disturbance that destroys a community without destroying the soil
Climax community
a relatively stable long-lasting community reached in a successional series; usually determined by climax and soil type
Pioneer species
first species to populate an area during primary succession