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American Pageant Chapter 3 Vocab

Key terms, people, and events from Chapter 3 of the 13th edition of the American Pageant.

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Proprietary Colony
Royal grant of land to Royal favorites (Maryland- Lord Baltimore)
New England Confederation
Formed in 1643 to make a defense against the Indians, French, and Dutch. Early attempt at colonial unity
English religious reformers that wanted to purify English Christianity; believed they were "visible saints".
Church of England
Established after Henry VIII (8th) broke with the Catholic Church. The King was both the spiritual and political leader of England.
Massachusetts Bay Colony
Formed by a group of non- Separatist Puritans, formed the city of Boston.
Plymouth Colony
Group of Separatists (we call Pilgrims) from Holland, landed incorrectly in New England in 1620.
Roger Williams
Formed Providence, guaranteed freedom of religion to ALL (even Jews)
Anne Hutchinson
Claimed to have direct revelations from God and challenged gender roles in Church. Banished to Rhode Island.
William Penn
Established an asylum for Quakers through a land grant in 1681. Favored religious toleration and acceptance of Native Americans.
Mayflower Compact
A simple agreement (not really a written constitution) to form a government and to submit to the will of the majority.
Officially called the Religious Society of Friends. They refused to take oaths and are advocates of passive resistance.
John Winthrop
First governor of Massachusetts; believed the purpose of the colony was to "be a city upon a hill".
Dutch East India Company
Laid claim to the Hudson River and New York Bay. They established New Netherland in 1624, which included Manhattan Island
Navigation Laws
Colonists could only trade with countries/colonies ruled by England. Colonists were angered by the laws and started smuggling goods.
Protestant Work Ethic
Involved a serious commitment to work and to engage in worldly pursuits. "Good things happen to people who work hard"

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