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Among the important changes brought about by the American Revolution was...

The increasing separation of church and state

A major new political innovation that emerged in the Revolutionary era was...

The idea of a written constitution drafted by a convention and ratified by direct vote of the people

Despite the Revolution's emphasis on human rights and equality, the Founding Fathers failed to abolish slavery because...

Of their political fear that a fight over slavery would destroy fragile national unity

The idea of "republican motherhood" that emerged from the American Revolution held that...

Women had a special responsibility to cultivate the "civic virtues" of republicanism in their children

In the new state constitutions written after the Revolution, the most powerful branch of government was...

The legislative branch

One way that American independence actually harmed the nation's economic features was by...

Cutting off American trade with the British Empire

Attempts to establish strong governments in post-Revolutionary America were seriously hindered by...

The revolutionary ideology that preached natural rights and suspicion of all governmental authority

The primary political obstacle to the formation of the first American government under the Articles of Confederation was...

Disputes among the jealous states over control of western lands

The greatest weakness of the government under the Articles of Confederation was that...

It had no power to regulate commerce or collect taxes from the sovereign states

The Northwest Ordinance of 1787 provided that...

After sufficient population growth, western territories could be organized and then join the union as states

Shay's Rebellion contributed to the movement for a new constitution by...

Raising the fear of anarchy and disorder among wealthy conservatives

Besides George Washington, the most influential figures in the Constitutional Convention included...

Benjamin Franklin, James Madison, and Alexander Hamilton

The "Great Compromise" in the Constitutional Convention provided that...

There would be representation by population in the House of Representatives by equal representation of all states in the Senate

Anti-federalists generally found their greatest support among...

The poorer debtors and farmers

The crucial federalist successes in the fight for ratification occurred in the states of...

Massachusetts, Virginia, and New York

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