MIS Chapter 1

Information technology has been described as pervasive in today's world because:
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What is true about how modern organizations are dependent on IT?Some companies rely on IT for only back-office support (e.g., accounting). Some companies are dependent on 24x7 IT operations. Not all companies are strategically dependent on new technologies.Based on Ross et al. (1996), IT managers need to focus on three types of IT assets, which include:technology assets, relationship assets, and human assets.IT leaders who establish mechanisms for joint IT-business decision making are fostering which IT asset?relationship asset.Keeping a company's IT resources aligned with business goals is the primary responsibility of:the CIOA new organizational leadership position that helps plan for and monitor compliance with federal reporting requirements is:CSOInformation technology is defined as computer hardware and software for processing and storing information, as well as communications technology (voice and data) for transmitting information.TRUEThe company responsible for much of today's de facto software standards throughout corporate America is Microsoft Corporation.TRUEA telecommuter is one who works from a location outside the company's regular offices and communicates via IT in order to do his or her work.TRUEManaging the costs and vulnerabilities of the data centers and networks that provide access to business data and applications is the only major role of IT leaders.FALSEBy definition, the CIO is a direct report of the CEO.FALSE