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  1. High Renaissance
  2. Pope Leo X
  3. Raphael
  4. Henry VIII: 1509-1547
  5. Renaissance pope
  1. a anglican Church, England separated from Roman Chuurch, Holy Roman Empire (The other Bolin Girl)
  2. b painter architect
  3. c worldy, vatican library, sistine chapel
  4. d 1475-1550
  5. e part of Medici family, wanted indulgences to build st. peter's basilica

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  1. Spin, Absolute monarchy, new worl=Christopher Columbus
  2. reforms to church, protestantism, puritainism
  3. Utopia, beheaded b/c wouldn't say king in charge
  4. printing press, moveable type
  5. 1400-1475

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  1. Leonardo Da Vinciscientist, artist inventor, engineer, musician (Ever After)


  2. Kepler: early 1600'smathematician, prove copernicus correct


  3. Elizabeth I:1558-1603The Prince, how to be successful in politics


  4. Charles Vpoet playwright


  5. CopernicusDutch (humanist), The Praise of folly, Free Will