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  1. Politically
  2. Titian
  3. Renaissance pope
  4. Ferdinand & Isabella
  5. Raphael
  1. a Spin, Absolute monarchy, new worl=Christopher Columbus
  2. b eand of hundren years war, ottoman empire takes Constantinople, tudor dynasty=england
  3. c painter architect
  4. d worldy, vatican library, sistine chapel
  5. e Painter

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  1. pay to get rid of sins
  2. Pope Paul III(1534-39), church reform in Catholic, get ppl. come back to church, council of trent=church doctrine
  3. Catholic Church said some books not suppose to read
  4. painter, sculptor, architect, engineer (sistine chapel)
  5. Florence, Italy

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  1. john calvinreforms to church, protestantism, puritainism


  2. machiavelli: 1513painter architect


  3. Early Renaissance1400-1475


  4. Sir Thomas Morepoet playwright


  5. Martin lutherPainter


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