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The ______ were a religious group that wanted to reform the church of England.
The Massachusetts Bay Colony set up an assembly called the.....
General Court
They wrote a plan of government called the _______.
Fundamental Orders of Connecticut
Massachusetts Bay colonists also founded the colony of Rhode Island, based on the principle of ________.
Religious tolerance
Owners of a huge estate in New Netherland...
Protestant reformers who believed that all people were equal in God's sight...
Colony under control of the English crown..
Royal colony
Boundary between the Middle Colonies and the Southern Colonies
Mason-Dixon line
Law that provided religious freedom for all Christians..
Act of Toleration
Uprising in which colonists attacked Native American villages.
Bacon's Rebellion
Thousands of German and Scotch-Irish settlers arrived in ______ in the 1700s.
In the Middle Colonies, ______ became centers of local government.
Winters in the Middle Colonies were _____ harsh than in New England..
____ was founded as a place where catholics could practice their religion freely.
Settlers in the northern Carolinas were mostly poor tobacco farmers from ________
Founder of the colony of Georgia.
James Olglethorpe.
The governer of New Netherlands_______
Peter Stuyvesant.
This Puritan Believed in religious tolerance and founded the colony of Rhode Island_______
Roger Williams.
What was the movement during 1629 and 1640 in Massachusetts called?
Great Migration.
This is the name for a colony under the control of the English crown... ________
Royal Colony.
What group was left out of the governing body in the Massachusetts Bay Colony?
What was the biggest problem in the Massachusetts Bay Colony?
Religious Beliefs.
What plans did the Connecticut colony write?
The Fundamental Orders, All men who owned property could vote.
What was the belief of the Protestant Quakers pertaining to religion?
All people were equal in Gods sight.
What was the largest group of people in the Pennsylvania colony?
German- speaking Protestants.
What was the name of the capital city in the Pennsylvania colony?
How did Delaware become a colony?
By Penn who allowed them to elect their own assembly, in the lower counties.
What part of the country was considered the backcountry?
Land along the eastern slopes of the Appalachian mountains.
Explain the economy in the Southern colonies...
Mainly tobacco, indigo, rice, farm products, and cattle.
What colonies relied on slave labor?
The southern colonies.
This New England colony was made up from all the coastal settlements.
Massachusetts Bay colony.
Middle Colonies
New York, Pennsylvania, New Jersey, Delaware
New England Colonies
Massachusetts, Connecticut, Rhode Island, New Hampshire,
Southern Colonies
Maryland, Virginia, North Carolina, South Carolina, Georgia.
What played a large part in the founding of the New England colonies?
Religious freedom.
This was the first English colony settled in New England...