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Classroom Policies and Expectations: All

one extra day for every day you were absent
How much time do you have to make up assignments when sick?
Tell Srta. Sheridan and get the missing work.
What should you do if you know you will be absent ahead of time?
print notes, vocab, and homework off the website. (or copy to drive)
If you are absent, it is YOUR RESPONSIBILITY to
The next day at the beginning of class.
When is homework due?
you have tried your best. It's ok to make mistakes.
Many homework assignments earn a "completion grade" of 5 points. You earn the full 5 points if____
Academic Lunch
I will send you to __________ if you homework is not done on time.
talk to/email Srta. Sheridan. She will understand.
If you have a family or personal emergency _____
schedule a time to make it up.
If you miss a quiz or a test or need to retake it you should
89% or less. The highest grade you can earn is 90%.
You may retake an assignment that was graded for mastery if you score ______
fill out the retake form on the website.
In order to retake a mastery assignment, you must ____
In the back of the room by the blue hanging pockets.
Where do I keep extra supplies that students can use?
Srta. Sheridan's website.
Everything you need for our class can be found on ____.
bathroom or fountain. (But don't abuse it!)
You do NOT need to ask to go to the___________
To learn from your own mistakes and ask questions. Write the correct answer, but don't erase the original one.
Why do we correct homework together in class and why do we use a different color pen?
are NOT tolerated.
"Put-downs" or inappropriate comments or actions_____
hand, seat, turn
Raise your ___________, stay in your ___________, wait your ___________.
1) Sit down 2) Write the homework in your assignment notebook 3) Begin the warm-up on the board
What are you expected to do when you enter my room?
Treat everyone and their things with ________
Clean up after yourself, It can't be distracting, No nuts, No sharing
What are the rules if you want to have snacks and water in class?
It's distracting and people have allergies.
Why can't you share snacks in my class?
You CANNOT have ____ in Spanish because it gets in the way of speaking a new language.
a pass.
If you are going to be late to class, you must have ____
a CHARGED Chromebook, headphones, pen/pencil, assignment notebook, a folder (inside your big binder)
What do you need to bring to class every day?
Bringing all supplies, completing homework, your Chromebook is CHARGED
Being prepared for class means:
you lose a point. These points cannot be earned back.
You receive 20 points each quarter for being prepared for class. If you are not prepared for class:
In the blue hanging pockets at the back of the room. These are for emergencies only.
Where are extra headphones located?
7:30AM, 2:45PM, or Xblock
When can you get extra help?
Push in your chair!
What should you do when you leave class?
On hooks by the door.
Where are the bathroom/water passes?
On the red table in the front of the room
Where are the turn-in bins?
Freeze and get silent!
What should you do when I ring my bell?