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belief in only one God


Mountain fortress that 1,000 Zealots locked themselves in during the revolt against the Romans


The journey of Moses leading the Hebrew slaves out of Egypt

Second Temple

Was destroyed by the Romans in AD 70 as part of the defeat of the Jewish revolt

Othodox Jews

Todays Jews who strictly follow the Mosaic law


Jewis religious teaches

Ten Commandments

Code of moral laws given to Moses by God


This group did not think that Jews should answer to anyone but God


A set of commentaries, stories and lessons for everyday life. These writing were written by scholars to help explain the Torah


The most sacred text of Judaism; it is not to be touched


Jewish house of worship


Is a time for Jews to remember the Exodus; Jews eat flat bread and have a meal called Seder

High Holy days

The two most sacred of all Jewish holidays; includes Rosh Hashanah and Yom Kipper

Dead Sea Scrolls

Writting by jews who lived about 2000 years ago. Scholars have learned about the lives of the early Jews with these.

Reformed Jews

Jews that chose not to follow as many of the ancient laws


Hebrew name for God


Scattering of Jews around the world


Led the Hebrews on Exodus out of slavery in Egypt


Led the Hebrews out of Mesopotamia to Cannon


The journey of Hebrews out of slavery in Egypt


People who are said to receive messages from God that are to be taught to others


Day of rest, the 7th day


First religion to practice monotheism


Jewish culture of Germany and France; spoke the language of Yiddish


Jewish culture of Spain and Portugal

40 Years

How long did the Jews wander in the dessert with Moses?


1st King of Israel; not a very strong king


Became King after Saul; good military skills; loved by his people; Goliath; established Jerusalem as the captial


King David's son; expanded the kingdom, built the 1st great temple

Israel and Judah

The 2 kingdoms that developed after the revolts after King Soloman's death; people of Judah became known as Jews

Babylonian Captivity

The Chaldeans took over Judah and destroyed the temple and march thousands of people to Babylon to work as slaves; last 50 years


Jewish family that led a successful revolt in 160 BC


Moses sister; great spiritual leader


an example of how women should behave because of her devotion

Queen Esther

great military and political leader


Eastern European Jews language that developed due to the spreading of Jews all over the world


Eastern European Jews who had communities separate from non-Jewish neighbors


Jews who spread to Spain, Portugal, and Western Europe and live in mixed communities with non-Jews


a meal where Jews reflect on the events of Exodus and eat matzo


a flat, unrisen bread eaten during Passover

Rosh Hashana

1st of the high holy days and the beginning of the new year

Yom Kipper

holiest day of the year; Jews ask God to forgive their sins and they fast


falls in december and honors the rededication of the Second Temple with oil; Jews celebrate with 8 candles now


justice means this to Jews


to Jews, righteousness refers to behaving this way even if others are not

3 texts with Jewish beliefs

Torah, Hebrew Bible, Commentaries

Mosaic Law

Jews believe Moses recorded a whole set of laws from GOd other than the 10 commandments called this; they guide the everyday lives of the Jewish people

Hebrew Bible

called the Tanach; what we consider the Old Testament

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