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Chapter 6 Forensic Science


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a fingerprint pattern in which the ridge pattern originates from one side of the print and leaves from the other side
a center of a loop or whorl
a triangular ridge pattern with ridges that go in different directions above and below a triangle
an impression left on any surface that consists of patterns made by the ridges on a finger
latent fingerprint
a hidden fingerprint made visible through the use of powers or other techniques
a fingerprint pattern in which the ridge pattern flows inward and returns in the direction of the origin
the combination of details in the shapes and positions of ridges in fingerprints that made each unique; also called ridge characteristics
patent fingerprint
a visible fingerprint that happens when fingers with blood, ink, or some other substance on them touch a surface and transfer the pattern of their fingerprint to that surface.
plastic fingerprint
a three dimensional fingerprint made in soft material such as clay, soap, or putty
ridge pattern
the recognizable pattern of the ridges found in the end joints of fingers that form lines on the surfaces of objects in a fingerprint. They fall into three categories: arches, loops, and whorls
ten card
a form used to record and preserve a person's fingerprints
a fingerprint pattern that resembles a bull's eye