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  1. W.H. Richardson
  2. Illinois
  3. Dr. Charles Drew
  4. Barbara Maxton
  5. Tony Dungy of the Indianapolis Colts
  1. a What was the first state to declare Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr.'s birthday a legal holiday?
  2. b Who invented the baby carriage?
  3. c Which African-American coach was the first to win a superbowl game; what team did he coach?
  4. d Who is the first African-American to discover a method to store blood and who made blood banks more effective?
  5. e What African-American woman introduced and initiated Gamma Phi Delta Sorority, Inc., to Spartanburg?

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  1. Who invented the folding bed?
  2. Who is named the "Queen of Soul"?
  3. What is the first private university founded for black students through the Methodist Episcopal Church?
  4. Who was the first African-American actor to win an Academy Award; for what movie was the award given; in what year was it awarded?
  5. Who was the first African-American to become a permanent member of a major ballet company?

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  1. Reverend Jesse JacksonWhat African-American doctor performed history-making surgery by separating tins joined at the head in 1987?


  2. Thomas DorseyWho is known as the "Father of Gospel Music"?


  3. Jane BolinWhat African-American won an Academy Award for playing the role of Ray Charles in the movie, "Ray"?


  4. Mary McLeod BethuneWho was the first African-American woman astronaut?


  5. Leon SullivanWho invented the incandescent light bulb in 1881?