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  1. Dr. Mae Jemison
  2. Madame C.J. Walker
  3. Oprah Winfrey
  4. Wilma Rudolph
  5. Tyrone Gilmore
  1. a Who was the first woman to win three Olympic Gold Medals in track?
  2. b Who was the first African-American woman to host a television program for 25 years and now owns her own network?
  3. c Who became the first black woman millionaire and invented hair care products for black women?
  4. d Who was the first African-American woman astronaut?
  5. e Who was the first African-American male to hold office of Superintendent of School District 7 in Spartanburg?

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  1. What African-American led the Chicago Bulls to six National BAsketball Association championships?
  2. Who was the first black woman bank president; what was the name of the bank she founded; where was the bank located?
  3. What does P.U.S.H. stand for?
  4. Who was the first African-American to hold the title of "Miss Dorman High School"?
  5. Who founded Tuskegee Institute in Alabama to train black teachers?

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  1. Franklin RainesWho was the first African-American Country Music Star?


  2. Dr. Frederick D. PattersonWho was the first African-American woman astronaut?


  3. 1965What year did the Voting Rights Act become law?


  4. Vanessa WilliamsWho is the first African-American to successfully perform open heart surgery?


  5. Shirley ChisholmWho invented the ironing board in 1892?