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  1. Catalexis
  2. Idyll
  3. Spenserian (Sonnet)
  4. Blank Verse
  5. Heroic Couplet
  1. a A specialized form of the Shakespearean sonnet with linking rhyme "abab bcbc cdcd ee"
  2. b Consists of iambic pentameter lines rhymed in pairs and containing a complete thought
  3. c Lyric poetry describing the life of the Shepard in pastoral, bucolic, idealistic terms
  4. d An extra unaccented syllable at the ending of a line after the regular meter ends
  5. e Unrhymed lines of iambic pentameter

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  1. The repetition of one or more initial sounds, usually consonants, in words within a line
  2. An exaggeration for the sake of emphasis which is not meant to be taken literally
  3. Seven feet
  4. The type of formal satire which is "gentle, urbane, smiling"
  5. The deliberate representation of something less than it is for the purpose of ironic contrast

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  1. TropeA figure of speech involving a turn or change of sense


  2. Rhyme SchemeA pattern of rhymes with a unit of verse; in analysis, each end rhyme-sound is represented by a letter


  3. VillanelleA French verse form, strictly calculated to appear simple and spontaneous, five tercets and a final quatrain, rhyming "aba aba aba aba aba abaa". Lines 1,6,12,18 and 3, 9, 15, and 19 are the refrain


  4. DimeterTwo feet


  5. StanzaA division of a poem based on thought or form


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