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  1. Dramatic Irony
  2. Parody
  3. Feminine Rhyme
  4. Denotation
  5. Personification
  1. a Humorous imitation of another work
  2. b The giving of human characteristics to inanimate objects, ideas, or animals
  3. c This refers to knowledge held by the audience but hidden from the characters
  4. d The literal or dictionary meaning of a word
  5. e Rhyme in which two consecutive syllables of rhyming words correspond, the first syllable carrying the accent-- double rhyme

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  1. One foot
  2. Simple, narrative verse which tells a story to be sung or recited; the folk type of this writing is anonymously handed down, while the literary type of this writing has a single author
  3. Repetition of two or more consonant sounds within a line
  4. In this, characters use words that mean one thing to them, but have a foreboding, different meaning to those who understand the situation better
  5. Four feet

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  1. Sonnet6-lined stanza


  2. ToneThe writer or speaker's attitude toward his subject, the audience, or himself. It is the emotional coloring of the poem


  3. Rhyme SchemeA pattern of rhymes with a unit of verse; in analysis, each end rhyme-sound is represented by a letter


  4. DimeterThree feet


  5. SynecdocheA word or image that signifies something other than what is literally represented. It is both itself and something else.