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  1. Haiku
  2. Half Rhyme (Slant Rhyme)
  3. Enjambement
  4. Idyll
  5. Octometer (rare)
  1. a Japanese verse in lines of five, seven, and five syllables, often depicting a delicate image.
  2. b Imperfect, approximate rhyme
  3. c Lyric poetry describing the life of the Shepard in pastoral, bucolic, idealistic terms
  4. d Eight feet
  5. e A run on line, continuing into the next without a grammatical break

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  1. Repetition of two or more vowel sounds within a line, sometimes called a partial or near rhyme
  2. A division of a poem based on thought or form
  3. Five feet
  4. Deliberately pokes fun at something with the intention of bringing about improvement.
  5. A word consciously manufactured

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  1. Tercet7-lined stanza


  2. Feminine RhymeRhyme that appears correct from the spelling but is not from the pronunciation


  3. ToneThe reader's attitude toward the subject


  4. SynecdocheThe addressing directly of someone or something usually not present or alive as though it were present or alive


  5. PastoralA pause in the meter of the rhythm of a line