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  1. Triple Rhyme
  2. Cacophony
  3. Quatrain
  4. Pentameter
  5. Sestina
  1. a 4-lined stanza
  2. b A complex verse form, usually unrhymed, consisting of six six-line stanzas and three-line envoy. The end-words in each stanza must be the same, though arranged in a different sequence each time. (1-2-3-4-5-6; 6-1-5-2-4-3; 3-6-4-1-2-5; etc.) The three line conclusion must use as end-words 5-3-1, and buried in each line must appear the end-words must appear 2-4-6
  3. c Five feet
  4. d Three syllables of words rhyme
  5. e The use of inharmonious sounds in close conjuction for effect; opposite of euphony

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  1. An exaggeration for the sake of emphasis which is not meant to be taken literally
  2. A word consciously manufactured
  3. An extra unaccented syllable at the beginning of a line before the meter begins
  4. Poetry's rhythm, or its pattern of stressed and unstressed syllables. It is measured in units of feet
  5. A lyric about dawn or morning serenade, a song of lovers parting at dawn

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  1. TropeThe writer or speaker's attitude toward his subject, the audience, or himself. It is the emotional coloring of the poem


  2. Irony of SituationThis involves a situation in which there is an incongruence between apperance and reality, or between expectation and fulfillment, or between the actual situation and what would seem appropriate


  3. Eye RhymeRhyme that appears correct from the spelling but is not from the pronunciation


  4. TetrameterThree feet


  5. RepetitionThe literal or dictionary meaning of a word