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  1. Internal Rhyme
  2. Pun
  3. Idyll
  4. Synecdoche
  5. Structure
  1. a A play on words based on the similarity of sound between two words with different meanings
  2. b The internal organization of a poem's content
  3. c The technique of mentioning a part of something to represent a whole
  4. d Lyric poetry describing the life of the Shepard in pastoral, bucolic, idealistic terms
  5. e Rhyme contained within a line of verse

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  1. A reference to another work of literature or previous event in history
  2. The literal or dictionary meaning of a word
  3. The use of inharmonious sounds in close conjuction for effect; opposite of euphony
  4. Proper name used as a noun
  5. Poetry's rhythm, or its pattern of stressed and unstressed syllables. It is measured in units of feet

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  1. ScansionThe analysis of the mechanical elements within a poem to determine meter


  2. Light VerseA general category of poetry written to entertain, such as lyric poetry, epigrams, and limericks. It can also have a serious side, as in parody or satire


  3. EpicSubjective, reflective poetry with regular rhyme scheme and meter which revels the poet's thoughts and feelings to create a single, unique impression.


  4. RimeThe central meaning or idea of a poem. Must be expressed as a complete thought


  5. End RhymeRhyme occuring at the end of verse rhymes