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  1. Understatement/Meiosis
  2. Monometer
  3. Eye Rhyme
  4. Rime Royal
  5. Meter
  1. a Rhyme that appears correct from the spelling but is not from the pronunciation
  2. b One foot
  3. c A seven-lined stanza of iambic pentameter rhyming "ababbcc"
  4. d The deliberate representation of something less than it is for the purpose of ironic contrast
  5. e Poetry's rhythm, or its pattern of stressed and unstressed syllables. It is measured in units of feet

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  1. The analysis of the mechanical elements within a poem to determine meter
  2. Poetry that attacks folly through ridicule
  3. An extra unaccented syllable at the beginning of a line before the meter begins
  4. A foot with stressed, unstressed, and stressed syallables
  5. Nondramatic, objective verse with regular rhyme scheme and meter which relates to a story or narrative

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  1. PersonificationThe giving of human characteristics to inanimate objects, ideas, or animals


  2. Light VerseA general category of poetry written to entertain, such as lyric poetry, epigrams, and limericks. It can also have a serious side, as in parody or satire


  3. AlliterationThe repetition of one or more initial sounds, usually consonants, in words within a line


  4. HeptameterSix feet


  5. HaikuOld spelling of rhyme, which is the repetition of like sounds at regular intervals, employed in "versification", the writing of verse