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What is the order in types of neuron that a message is transmitted from its inception through your response?

Sensory neuron, Interneuron, Motor neuron

Because the human brain is born already programmed for language, we can say that language is an _____ behavioral tendency.


The long, complex molecule that encodes directions for the inherited physical and mental characteristics of an organism is ___.


All brain scanning techniques have weaknesses. What is the best explanation of the weakness of the PET scan?

Not as good as the MRI

What are hormones?

a chemical messenger used by the endocrine system

What secretes the hormone that is the primary determinant of a women's sexual desire?

Adrenal glands

Sperry and Gazzaniga found that split-brain patients could verbally identify a spoon when?

When it was in the right visual field

_________ developed the concept of __________. (relating to function)

Franz Gall, phrenology - localization of function

What controls functions such as reasoning, creating, and problem-solving?

Cerebral cortex

Be able to identify what genes, DNA, chromosomes, and nucleotides are and what their relationship is to each other.

Genes are made of DNA

What would a person who has damage to his hippocampus have difficulty with?

Memory for new information

What brain structure is responsible for trafficking almost all of the brain's incoming and outgoing sensory and motor information?


Know the components of the endocrine system and be able to identify from the list.

NOT: Thalamus

In most people, the _________ of the brain is most involved in visual-spatial activities.

Right side

Be able to identify what is true and not true of neuronal function from the provided list.

NOT true: Nerve cells will only use electrical signals to communicate

What brain structure accounts for two-thirds of its total mass?

Cerebral cortex

If a person works as a bike messenger, the production of _______, which carry information between ___________, enables him to maneuver safely.

Neurotransmitters, Nerve cells

What are (according to Evolutionary Psychology) the oldest to newest parts of the brain in correct order?

Brain stem, Limbic system, Cerebral cortex

What was damaged and caused the late actor Christopher Reeve to become paralyzed?

Spinal cord

Which animal has the most fully developed limbic system, a snake, an elephant, a frog, a fish, or an alligator?


The story of H.M. shows that damage to the _____________ would be expected to impair your ability to remember events that occurred after the injury.


The ______ is a limbic region that sends messages to the "master gland," which in turn controls the endocrine system.


What do afferent neurons do?

Carry messages from sense organs to nervous system

What does Prozac do?

What is TRUE: Raises serotonin

______________ are biochemical substances that are released into the synaptic cleft to stimulate or suppress other neurons.


Which scanning method produces a computerized image of X-rays that have been passed through the brain at various angles?

CT scan

The ____________ is the basic unit or "building block" of the nervous system.


What causes a neuron to fire?

Exitedtory signals out weigh the inhibitory signals

You are sleeping and are suddenly startled by the fire alarm in your house going off. Almost immediately you are awake and ready to find your family and help them outside. What area(s) of the brain stem would most likely be responsible for your speedy alert behavior?

Reticular formation

Eddie has just stepped on a nail. There are pain messages moving through many of his neurons. What would be the best summation of how that message will move from one neuron to the next?

Neurotransmitters generated by the pain receptor neurons carry messages to the receptor sites of the next neuron

German surgeons Fritsch and Hitzig found that when they stimulated the exposed cortex on injured soldiers, the soldiers would occasionally move an arm or leg when a certain location was touched. Which area of the brain did they discover?

Motor cortex

Be able to differentiate between statements in a listing that supports evolution and those that do not.

Food preferences

Rhesus monkeys who had their ________ lesionsed changed from foul-tempered beings to docile creatures.


Given a list of neurotransmitters, be able to discern which is most closely linked to pleasurable sensations in the limbic system.


What do secretions from the thyroid gland control?


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