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Graphing Terms

Two Variable Graphing Definitions.
Independent Variable
a value that doesn't depend on any others (it's just measured)
Ordered Pair
first number plotted on x axis, second # plotted on y axis
Scatter Plot
any graph of a set of points
Dependent Variable
a value that depends or changes based on another (the one you want to predict)
estimate a point on the line between given data points
Linear Relationship
a pattern in data points on a graph that can be drawn as a straight line
the point where the axes intersect
Break mark
shows there is a break in the measurements on either axis
X Axis
horizontal line at bottom of the graph labelled with name and measurements of the independent variable
Negative Correlation
as independent variables increase, the dependent variables decreases graph goes down and to the right
No Correlation
No pattern appears in the data-no line of best fit can be drawn because there is no relationship between the variables
Non-linear Relationship
a pattern in data points on a graph that can be drrawn as a curved line
words at the top of a graph that identify the two variables and/or their relationship
estimate a point on the line after extending it beyond the given points
a pattern in the data between the two variables (increasing or decreasing)
a piece of data that's bery different fromt the others
Line of Best Fit
smooth line drawn near or through points on a graph that shows a trend
First Difference
the difference between consecutive y values
Positive Correlation
as independent variable increases, the dependent variables also increases-graph goes up and to the right
Y Axis
vertical line at side of graph labelled with name and mearurements of the dependent variable