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Orgb- Chapter 3

When a manager makes the attribution that an employee's lack of effort or ability is the basis for poor performance, they are probably making an error called:
fundamental attribution
As a manager that understands the implications of self-esteem on work behavior, you should:
give them appropriate challenges and opportunities for success
When a student attributes a high test grade to his or her diligent study habits and a low grade to the instructor's poorly worded questions, the student is displaying:
self-serving bias
Individuals with positive affect are:
more likely to help others at work.
Which of the following results regarding impression management and employment interviews has not been supported by research?
Impression management is associated with higher starting salaries.
Which of the following is NOT a component of CSE?
General Mental Ability
Which of the following is not considered one of the "Big Five" personality traits?
Denise and Teresa are two students in a course on organizational behavior. Denise outperforms Teresa on the first exam in OB, and Teresa convinces herself that Denise is not really a good person to compare herself to because Denise is a psychology major and Teresa is majoring in accounting. Which of the following is the best explanation for Teresa's reaction?
Teresa's high self-esteem is protecting her from this unfavorable comparison
Suppose, for example, that a sales manager is evaluating the performance of his employees. One employee does not get along well with colleagues and rarely completes sales reports on time. This employee, however, generates the most new sales contracts in the office. The sales manager chooses to ignore the negative information and evaluates the salesperson only on contracts generated. The manager is exercising:
selective perception
The ability of an individual to perceive multiple characteristics of another person rather than attend to just a few traits is a function of their:
cognitive complexity
Research shows that successful candidates make:
more internal attributions for negative events
Generalized self-efficacy is the:
belief about one's own capabilities to deal with the events and challenges that make life demanding
The basic preference in type theory that represents where you get your energy is the:
extraversion/introversion preference
According to the proponents of interactional psychology, all of the following are correct except:
behavior is a function of heredity and physical stature
According to the MBTI a successful top executive is likely to be a/an:
extrovert, sensor, thinker, and judger
What is considered the single best predictor or work performance across many occupations studied both here in the United States and across different cultures?
Susan was reflecting on Jim's behavior in her recent meeting with Jim regarding his performance review. Normally Jim is outgoing, sure of himself, and Susan would consider him high on indicators of CSE. Jim however, was rather subdued and quiet during the review. Jim's behavior could best be explained as a result of:
Jim is a high self monitor
The extent to which people base their behavior on cues from other people and situations refers to:
The discounting principle is a characteristic of the
Achievement-oriented individuals attribute their failures to:
lack of effort
The MBTI is a:
self-report questionnaire designed to assess personality
Increasing workforce diversity is likely to reduce __________ as a barrier to social perception.
Assume you are an employment interviewer. An applicant's physical appearance could cause you to commit an incorrect hiring decision because of all of the following except:
self-fulfilling prophecy
Which trait is associated with less absenteeism at work?
positive affect
An employee who does not get along well with other employees but generates the most sales is evaluated only on sales performance. This is an example of:
selective perception
When a female softball player is given more applause for a home run hit than a male teammate, the reason would most likely be due to:
contrast against a stereotype
Which type of situation is interpreted the same way by different individuals, evoking agreement on the appropriate behavior in the situation?
strong situation
Individuals possessing an internal locus of control:
prefer participative management styles
In which of the following situations are situational cues and social context most formalized?
job interview
A supervisor's high expectations of a new employee and the subsequent high performance of that employee is known as:
self-fulfilling prophecy