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The Sticky Chair
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Unless you're a standup comic or training to be a kick boxer, there's really no reason to beat yourself up.

Battle this Bad Guy with a dose or two of self-compassion:

Take heart knowing that all humans experience moments of self-criticism.
Appreciate yourself for showing up and trying your best.
Imagine a friend came to you with this issue. How critical would you be of them? Show yourself the same courtesy.
These fiber-less beverages do nothing to fill us up and everything to make us gain weight.

Don't give in to their sticky-sweet temptations!

Combat this Bad Guy with the "Chug a Glass of Water" Power-up.

This Bad Guy courtesy of the Full Plate Diet Power Pack.

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Whenever you ignore an aspect of your self-care—like not drinking water all day, neglecting your home space, or ignoring personal hygiene, you've fallen prey to this The Coping Cactus.

You're not a potted plant! You're a human, and you need daily care and attention.

Battle this Bad Guy by performing any Mighty Act of Self-Care:

drink a glass of water
do a small burst of exercise
floss your teeth
eat a healthy meal
attend to your living space.
Going up?

The yawning jaws of elevators and moving teeth of escalators will attempt to rob you of lazy exercise at every flight of stairs! So will cars, chairs, couches, and televisions.

Outwit the Lazy Exercise Robbers by taking the stairs, walking instead of driving, or standing instead of sitting—even just for one flight, one block, or one minute.

This Bad Guy courtesy of the Lazy Exercise Power Pack.

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