Us History E2020

Expansion In The Pacfic
a grant paid by a government to an enterprise that benefits the public
policy of strong nations controlling weaker ones
spheres of influence
areas in which countries have some political and economic control but do not govern directly (ex. Europe and U.S. in China)
Henery Cabot Lodge
led a group of conservative senators against League of nations: congress was aganist leauge of nation
suspicous of provision for joint economic and military action aganist aggression
Alfred Thayer Mahan
a United States Navy officer, geostrategist, and educator. His ideas on the importance of sea power influenced navies around the world, and helped prompt naval buildups before World War I. Several ships were named USS Mahan, including the lead vessel of a class of destroyers. His research into naval History led to his most important work, The Influence of Seapower Upon History,1660-1783, published in 1890
a hawaiian king who took the throne in 1874, refused the US officials control of pearl harbor for tax free status for hawaiian sugar, forced to sign constitution that limited his power to a figurehead
The queen of Hawaii in 1887 who disliked foreigners entering her country. She didn't want to go to war with America because she knew her people would get massacred.
John Hay
Secretary of State under McKinley and Roosevelt who pioneered the open-door policy and Panama canal
Open Door Policy
A policy proposed by the US in 1899, under which ALL nations would have equal opportunities to trade in China.
Boxer Rebellion
A 1900 uprising in China aimed at ending foreign influence in the country.