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this set is for bible trinity peeps only


Whose example should we live by?

his disciples

Jesus did not write about his character. Who did?

early churches

who was influenced by paul and his writings?


what book shows pauls life?

the letters

What writings of paul influenced the world?

either angry(corinthians) or happy(thesselonians)

paul wrote many letters to the churches what were pauls personalties?

strong and christlike

during tough times paul never shows pity. what kind of character does paul show?

stoned,beaten and blinded.

what did paul experience physically?


wwhat was pauls emotional state?


whose example should we live by?


where was paul born?


what roman province was paul born in?


what culture heavily influenced tarsus?


what tribe did paul come from?

he was born in roman

how was paul able to become a roman citizen?


paul was educated in what law?


who did paul learn under?

he was a pharisee

how did paul live by jewish law?

chapter nine

what chapter can you find pauls conversion?


where was paul headed when jesus stopped him?

persecute christians

what was pauls reason for heading to damascus?


what does paul do shortly after his conversion?

arabia in damascus

pauls theology would be shaped in what region/town?


who was pauls assistance on first missionary journey?


where did paul and barnabus meet.

a year

how long did paul and barnabus stay in antioch?

to do ministry

why did paul and barnabus stay in antioch for a year?

john mark

who returned to antioch with paul and barnabus?


what does john mark do on the first missionary journey?


1st missionary: what did paul write?

relationship between gentiles and laws of moses

1st missionary: what was the galatians addressing?


who went with paul on his second missionary journey?


who was the third to person to accompany paul and silas on the second missionary journey?


what would paul use to help the young churches?

1 corinthians, 3 years to write, ephesus

third missionary journey: what was the first letter paul wrote? how long did it take to write it? where was paul when he wrote it?

2 corinthians, macedonia

third missionary journey: what was the second letter paul wrote? where was paul when he wrote it?

romans, greece

third missionary journey: what was the third letter paul wrote? where was paul when he wrote it?

2 years

how long does paul stay in caesarea prison?


paul appeals to caesar. What city is paul being transferred to?

Phillipians, colotians, ephesians, philemon

what letters did paul write in prison?

1st and 2nd timothy and titus

what letters did paul write when he was released from roman prison?

holy spirit

who lead paul in his writings and theology?

by length

how was the new testament arranged?


what is pauls longest letter?


what is pauls shortest letter?


how many letters did paul write to the churches?


how many letters did paul write to individuals?

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