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Chapter 5- social studies test review

from prentice hall textbook
Why did the French and Indian War take place?
The French was determined to stop the English from expanding westward into the Ohio River Valley
Who sought Indian allies in north America around 1750?
Both the French and English
How did Britain punish Massachussets for the Boston Tea Party?
Intolerable Acts: The port of Boston was closed, British soldiers were housed in colonists' homes (Quartering Act), British officials could not be tried in Massachussets, and colonists were not allowed to hold meetings
how were British troops able to surprise the French at Quebec?
By climbing a steep cliff at night
What was a major cause of early British defeats in the French and Indian war?
Inexperienced military leadership
Who were some of the top colonial leaders that emerged as tensions with Britain grew?
Samuel Adams, John Adams, Patrick Henry
Why did Parliament raise taxes in the colonies after 1763?
They felt the colonists should help pay for the French and Indian war
Why did fighting take place at Lexington and Concord in April of 1775?
British troops tried to seize colonists' arms and ammunition (weapons)
What was so important about the Battles of Lexington and Concord?
These battles marked the beginning of the American Revolution
Which country posed the most serious threat to the English colonies in North America in 1750?
Why was the Ohio River Valley so important to France?
It linked French settlements in Canada and along the Mississippi River
Which two women helped colonial resistance to British taxes through their writings?
Mercy Otis Warren and Abigail Adams
What happened that led to the fall of New France during the french and Indian war?
British captured Quebec, the capital of New France
What happened when British troops tried to seize colonists' weapons in Concord Massachussets?
The Colonial militia drove British troops back to Boston
How did William Pitt plan to win Britain's war with France?
Using Britains best generals to fight in America
What was the proclamation of 1763 supposed to do?
Avoid conflict with Native Americans in the Ohio River Valley
Where did the first battles of the American Revolution take place?
Lexington and Concord
How did the Proclamation line of 1763 help to avoid conflict with Native Americans in the Ohio River Valley?
It protected Native American lands from British invasion
Where did most of the fighting in Pontiac's war occur?
The Ohio River Valley
Which river marked the western border of British territory in North America?
After the treaty of Paris (1763) which two countries controlled most of the land in North America?
Spain and England
Whyw ere the British soldiers at the old Boston State house at the time of the Boston Massacre?
They were sent there to protect customs officials
What developed out of Samuel Adam's attempt to build outrage following the boston Massacre?
committees of correspondence
What happening associated with the Boston Massacre demonstrated the Colonist commitment to liberty?
The British soldiers received a fair trial in a colonial court
how did Samuel Adams respond to the Boston Massacre?
He wrote letters to other colonies asking for support
"Boston harbor is a teapot tonight" is a quote referencing what historical event?
Boston Tea Party
What did the colonist plan to do at the Boston Tea party?
Destroy British property
what did the colonist disguise themselves as at the Boston Tea Party?
Mohawks Indians
What were the clonists protesting at the Boston Tea party?
The effect of the Tea Act of 1773 on colonial tea merchants
In reference tot the french and Indian war Ben Franklin is known for expression, "Join or die". What did he mean by that?
The only way to defeat France was to unify and fight together
The Stamp Act, Boston massacre, Tea Act, and intolerable Acts were all factors that led to the emrgence of what war?
American Revolution
The "Shot heard round the world" is associated with the beginning of the American Revolution. What were the Americans fighting for in that war?
Independence from Great Britain
Patrick Henry is well known for the saying, "give me liberty or give me death!" What did he mean by that quote?
Freedom is worth dying for