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PMT function belongs in what function category?

Financial functions

Formulas Tab

The Function Library group can be found here


The amount charged to you when you borrow money


In Excel, the interest percentage on a loan


The Future value (Fv) at the end of the time period is usually ________ for loans.


period of time loans are typically made for


The initial amount of a loan

To determine a monthly interest rate

you must divide the annual interest rate by twelve

To determine the number of months to repay a loan

you must multiply the number of years by twelve.

Future value (Fv)

NOT a required argument when using the PMT function to calculate payments

What-If Analysis

The process of changing the values in cells to see how those changes affect the outcome of formulas on a worksheet is called:


Using various interest rates to determine the amount of loan payments

Goal Seek

A method to find a specific value for a cell by adjusting the value of one other cell

If you calculate payments that are too high for your budget, you might consider

borrowing less money.

If you calculate payments that are too high for your budget, you might consider

extending the time period to repay the loan

Paste Special

If you want to copy only the value in a cell and not the formula, use ________.

Data Tab

The What-If Analysis button is found here.

data table

A range of cells that shows how changing certain values in your formula affect the results of the formulas.

one-variable data table

used to see how different interest rates affect a monthly payment

Cell Styles

Used to apply various styles, such as Headings and Title

defined name

a word or string of characters in Excel that represents a cell, a range of cells, a formula, or a constant value.

scope of a name

Refers to the location where the name is recognized without qualification.

alphabetical order

How defined names are listed in the Name Manager dialog box

provides a logical reference to data

defined name

Formula AutoComplete list

When you start typing a formula Excel will display this, which contains all of Excel's built in functions starting with the letter typed.


function to use to match a name with a number in a defined a two-column range of cells containing names and phone numbers.

Lookup functions

look up a value in a defined range of cells located in another part of the workbook to find a corresponding value.

table array

the defined range in the lookup formula


An Excel function that looks up values in a table array arranged as vertical columns

Data validation

a technique that improves accuracy because it limits and controls the type of data an individual can enter into a form.

validation list

a list of values that are acceptable for a range of cells.


provides the user with instructions about what to do in a Vlidation dialog Box

minus sign

In the PMT function, it is placed before the amount of the principal so that payments are shown as a positive value.

PMT function

calculates the payment for a loan based on constant payments and at a constant interest rate.

Present value (Pv)

represents the amount of the loan before any payments are made.

Goal Seek

used to determine how much you can borrow to stay within your budget.

Data tables

make it easy to calculate multiple versions in one operation. Data tables are used to view and compare the results of different operations.

The AutoFill feature

will duplicate a pattern of values that you set in the beginning cells.

Freeze Panes

Command used to set column and row titles on the screen while you scroll


The portions of a worksheet bounded by and separated from other parts of the worksheet by horizontal and vertical lines

Go To Special

the command used to move to cells that have special characteristics, are blank, or contain constants

Go To

The command to move to a specific cell or range of cells in a large worksheet

Arrange All

command used to open multiple worksheets on the screen


A predesigned set of colors, fonts, lines, and fill effects that look good together and can be applied across all Office 2010 applications

A theme combines font sets for

text and headings.

cell style

A defined set of formatting characteristics, such as fonts, font sizes, number formats, cell borders, and cell shading in a theme

Page Layout Tab

Themes can be found here in the Themes group.

quick styles

Excels predefined table styles


when applied to a worksheet, the data will be forced into a selected number of pages. Scaling reduces the horizontal and vertical size of the printed data by a percentage or by the number of pages you specify.

The Page Break Preview

shows where the page breaks blue dashed lines and the page number on the worksheet.


May take you to another location in the worksheet, another file location, a Web page on the Internet, or to your organization's intranet.

Modify the hyperlink

If the file to which a hyperlink refers to is moved or renamed, or a Web page to which a hyperlink refers has a new address you need do this to make it work correctly


the native Microsoft Excel Workbook file format for Excel 2010 files

Save As command

Allows you to choose to save an Excel file in another file format.

Saving an Excel worksheet as a text file

separates the cells of each row with tab characters.

Excel Template, Excel 97-2003 Workbook, CSV or tab delimited

some frequently and commonly used file formats for Excel

CSV file

an Excel worksheet which separates the cells of each row with commas


file extension for an Excel file saved as a text file

ascending sort

refers to text that is sorted alphabetically from A to Z

Sort dialog box

enables you to sort by more than one column or row at one time


displays only the rows that meet the criteria or conditions you specify to limit which records are included in the results.

custom filter

used to apply complex criteria to a single column


An advanced filter that is used for copying selected rows to another part of the

Format, values, and criteria

the three types of filters you can create with AutoFilter

Filtering actions are additive

each additional filter that you apply is based on the current filter.

Or comparison operator

only one of the two comparison criteria that you specify must be true.

And operator

Use for each and every one of the comparison criteria that you specify to be true

Advanced Filter

Use to apply complex criteria to a single column.

Criteria and List ranges

use an absolute reference when defining a database area in a spreadsheet.

compound criteria

The use of two or more criteria on the same row


A series of rows that contain related data

The first step in adding subtotals to a group or list

is to sort the data by the field for which you want to create a subtotal.

The outline bar

enables you to show and hide levels of detail with a single mouse click.

detail data

Subtotaled rows that are totaled and summarized

Detail data location

typically adjacent to and either above or to the left of the summary data within subtotaled rows that are totaled and summarized.


An organized collection of facts related to a specific topic


all of the categories of data pertaining to one person, place, thing, event or idea within a table row


a single piece of information that is stored in every record within each table column.

major sort

The first sort level

active area

The area of a worksheet that contains data or has contained data and does not include any empty cells

asterisk (*)

a wildcard symbol when searching for criteria in an Excel spreadsheet.


tiny charts that fit within a cell.


used to enhance the appearance of sparklines

Column charts

present data graphically in vertical columns.

plot totals OR details

what you must first decide when you create a chart

column chart

used to make comparisons among related data

To create a column chart

you must first select the data to be plotted and the labels

By default, Excel displays a chart

as an embedded object within the worksheet.

chart sheet

In Excel, a separate sheet where Charts can be placed

chart elements

Objects that make up a chart

chart area

The entire chart with all of its elements

data series

A group of related data


The key that defines the colors assigned to categories in a chart

line chart

Use to display trends over time


the range of numbers in the data series that controls the minimum, maximum, and incremental values on the value axis.

column and row headings

When you create a chart, Excel uses them to as labels for the data.

SmartArt graphic

a visual representation of information and ideas that you can create by choosing from among many different layouts to communicate your message easily and effectively.

Process category

SmartArt graphic category used to show a timeline

The Text Pane

includes placeholders in which text can be typed.

Hierarchy category

SmartArt organization chart is in this category.

The Text Pane location

to the left of the SmartArt diagram.


can be added to SmartArt diagrams from the Format tab.

Add Shape Below

To add a shape to a lower level of an organization chart, click Add Shape, and then click Add Shape Below.


commonly used to provide standardization and protection of data.


all of the forms within an organization have a uniform appearance and the data organized in the same way

My templates

the default location to save a template on your local computer


prevents anyone from changing a workbook.

unlock cells

used in a form sp others can only fill in certain cells and then protect the rest of the wiorkbook


in a protected cell, a message appears informing you that the cell is protected

Select locked cells

option in the Protect Sheet dialog box, that allows the user to click the locked cells and view the formulas.

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