Firearms and Ballistics

23 terms by creeder815

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Manufactured guns

link gun to bullet

gun barrel


rifling process

mass production of firearms

handgun barrels

hollowed rod of steel


diameter of gun barrel


barrel can be metal or wood, smooth

test fire tank

gelatinous material


alcohol, tobacco, and firearms


Integrated Ballistics ID System-first database


National Integrated Ballistics ID Network-federal


Gun shot residue

gsr test (1)

swab with indicator

gsr test (2)

adhesive tape


natural path of bullet-curved upward/gravity

height of gunman

inconsistent element

height of victim

inconsistent element

position of gunman

inconsistent element

position of victim

inconsistent element

firing height

can alter trajectory


can alter trajectory


can alter trajectory


can alter trajectory

barred length

can alter trajectory

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