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seagulls fiercely defend the areas around their nests in their cliff top breeding colonies, within the colony they would show a _____ dispersion pattern


assume that there are five alligators per acre in a swamp in northern Florida, this a measure of the alligator population's


the death by bubonic plague of about one-third of Europ's population during the fourteenth century is a good example of

a density-dependent factor

what is an organisms best illustrates K-selection

a polar bear producing one or two cubs every three years

what is an organism that tends to grow exponentially when allowed to reproduce


In wild populations, individuals most often show a _____ pattern of dispersion


what is most likely to have density-dependent effects on populations growth

food supply

a broad-based pyramid-shaped age structure is characteristic of a population that is

growing rapidly

freezing water

density independent

has a greater effect on a larger population

density dependent

a volcanic eruption

density independent


density dependent


density independent

food supply

density dependent

disease or parasites

density dependent


density independent

tends to be a biotic factor

density dependent

tends to be an abiotic factor

density independent

exhibits rapid growth


species that quickly invade a habitat, quickly reproduce, and then die


large mammals


small, mature quickly, and require little, if any parental care


produce a small number of relatively large offspring that require extensive parental care until they mature


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