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test 2
in spongy bone the trabeculae are filled with
bone marrow
particle older osteons can be found between complete newer osteons. these partial osteons are referred to as
bones that are longer than they are wide are classified as
long bones
the cell bodies of osteocytes are found in compact bone within tiny spaces are
the shaft of a long bone
in the spongy bone____ are lined up along the bones lines of stress
mature bone cells, called_________ are found within lacunae of compact bones
during ossification osteoid tissue intramembraneis deposited by cells called
name the type of ossification that forms the flat bones of the skull
intramembraneous ossification
the process in which the dense regular connective tissue hardens to form bone as a result of deposition of calcium phosphate and other minerals
the structural material which is replaced with bone during endochondral ossification
hyaline cartilage
metaphysics of the bone
transitional area between the diaphysis and epiphysis
Degenerative Bone disease characterized by loss of bone mass and increased risk of fracture
In order for minerals such as calcium and phosphate to be liberated into the blood stream
calcium-phosphate salt that mineralizes bone tissue is called
the matrix of bone tissue that consists mainly of_____ material
calcium-phosphate salt that mineralizes bone tissue is called
T or F: spongy bone is primarily made up of osteons
bone marrow fills the spaces between trabeculae in _____ bone
the embryonic connective tissue that will give rise to all connective tissue is
two additional terms that mean myeloid
red bone marrow and hemopietic tissue
the bone tissue that is made up of parallel osteons that are tightly packed together and covers the surface of most bones
compact bone
the carpal bones of the wrists are classified as
short bones
the layer of reticular connective tissue lining internal surfaces of the bone
the type of bone tissue found in the interior or flat bones and epiphyses:
spongy bone
the portion of the bone matrix that consists of proteins such as collagen is referred to as the:
organic matrix
a fracture in which the bone end protrudes throught the skin and requires surgery is know as:
compound fracture
mass of clotted blood in the tissue is called
the ions need by osteblasts for deposition into the bone matrix, come from the blood
phosphate and calcium
transitional area between the shaft and the cartilaginous heard of a developing long bones. its also called the epiphyseal or growth plate
the _____ is the name of the dense connective tissue fund covering and surrounding cartilage
in compound bone, remnants o old oteons can be seen between complete osteons these are called
interstitiual lamellae
fatty bone marrow that no longer produces blood cells is called
yellow bone marrow
a low blood calcium level stimulates the release of
parathyroid hormone
bones that have elaborate shapes are classified as
irregular bones
due to abnornam levels of calcium the condition called _____ is characterized by reduced excitability of the nervous and muscular systems
articular cartilage consist of _____ cartilage
the arrangement of bone tissue within the flat bones of the skull is called
another name for the perforating canal is
Volkman canal
comminuted fracture
a fracture in which the bone is broken into two or more pieces
the_________ is found between epiphysis and diaphysis in pre-pubertal youth and is the sire of bone elongation
epiphyseal plate
in adults, the remnant of the growth plate is called the
epiphyseal line
bones are classified as one of the four types, based on their shapes. the bones of the roof of the cranium are examples the bones shape called
flat bones
the layers of bony matrix arranged around the central canal of an osteon are called
concentric lamellae
the _____canals are the channels running perpendicular to the central canals and provide blood supply from the nutrient foramina to central canals
nutrient foramen
an opening into surface of a bone which allows passage of blood vessels into bone tissue