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public affairs

those events and issues that concern the people at large

public opinion

A body of attitudes, beliefs, and views pertaining to specific issues held by a significant proportion of a society.

mass media

television, radio, newspapers, magazines, the Internet, and other means of popular communication.

peer group

a group of individuals of roughly the same age who are linked by common interests

interest group

a group of people who share a point of view about an issue and unite to promote their beliefs


authority that is given to a government and its policies through an electoral victory

public agenda

the most important public issues as measured by public opinion surveys

sound bite

A brief, memorable comment that can easily be fit into news broadcasts, a short, pithy comment that is likely to attract media attention

public opinion poll

an inquiry into public opinion conducted by interviewing a random sample of people

straw vote

an unofficial vote taken to determine opinion on some issue

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