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Shapes & Design Review - Investigation 1

Practice your reference angles

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90 degrees
180 degrees
45 degrees
0 degrees or 360 degrees
135 degrees
225 degrees
270 degrees
315 degrees
30 degrees
60 degrees
120 degrees
150 degrees
210 degrees
240 degrees
300 degrees
330 degrees
3+ sided figure with straight lines, no overlaps, and it's closed.
turns figure counter-clockwise around a point
four sections in which co-ordinate plane is divided by the x & y axis.
complementary angles
two angles that add up to 90°
supplementary angles
two angles that add up to 180°
regular polygon
polygon whose side lengths AND interior angle measures are equal
irregular polygon
polygon which either has 2 different side lengths or 2 different interior angle measures
right angle
measure of 90°
obtuse angle
measure of more than 90° but less than 180°
straight angle
measure of 180°
acute angle
measure of less than 90°
all 4 sides are the same length
opposite sides are parallel
only one pair of sides is parallel