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  1. organelles
  2. temporal bone
  3. frontalis muscle
  4. extensor radialis
  5. striated muscles
  1. a located mid forearm on the outside of the arm, straightens the fingers
  2. b either side of the head, directly above the ears and below the parietal bones
  3. c respond to conscious commands
  4. d small structures performing most of the cells activities
  5. e extends for the forehead to the top of the skull, raises eyebrows or draws the scalp forward

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  1. under eyebrow, controls the eyebrows drawing them in and downward
  2. located below the lower lip, pulls the lower lip down or to the side
  3. two bones that join to form the bridge of the nose
  4. study of the structure, function and diseases of muscles
  5. adams apple

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  1. lymph vascular systemcontrols the circulation of blood and lymph through the body


  2. levator palpebrae superiorisupper lip, and raises both the nostrils and the upper lip


  3. metabolismbreaking down larger molecules into smalled ones


  4. parietalsmallest tow bones of facial skeleton forms the front, inner bottom wall of the eye socket


  5. thoraxchest,