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  1. myology
  2. buccinator
  3. posterior
  4. insertion
  5. parietal
  1. a behind or in the back
  2. b crown and upper sides of the head
  3. c attaches to/ movable
  4. d study of the structure, function and diseases of muscles
  5. e between the jaws and cheek, compresses the cheek to release air ouward, blowing

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  1. back of the skull, indenting above the nape
  2. forehead
  3. located in front of the ear
  4. malar, forms upper cheek and the bottom of the eye socket
  5. lower jaw, largest bone of facial skeleton

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  1. lymph vascular systemcirculated lymph through lymph glads, lymph nodes and vessels


  2. ethmoidspongy bone between the eyes that forms nasal cavity


  3. lacrimalsmallest tow bones of facial skeleton forms the front, inner bottom wall of the eye socket


  4. pronatoracross front of lower part of the radius and ulna, turns palm downward


  5. nucleus and cytoplasmsurrounded by the cell membrane