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  1. origin
  2. extensor radialis
  3. synapese
  4. pronator
  5. occipital bone
  1. a junctions across which nerve impuleses pass
  2. b located mid forearm on the outside of the arm, straightens the fingers
  3. c across front of lower part of the radius and ulna, turns palm downward
  4. d begins, non-moving attaches to bone
  5. e back of the skull, indenting above the nape

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  1. opening and closing of the jaw, chewing
  2. two bones of the upper jaw
  3. located below or smaller than
  4. corner of the mouth, draws the mouth up and out as grinning
  5. respond to conscious commands

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  1. axonsthreadlike fibers extending from the cell


  2. cardiovascular, blood vascular systemcirculated lymph through lymph glads, lymph nodes and vessels


  3. left ventriclelower right chamber of the heart


  4. levatorlifts up


  5. flexor ulnarislocated mid-forearm, on the inside of the arm, bends wrist and close the fingers