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  1. phalanges
  2. catabolism
  3. risorius
  4. carpals
  5. metacarpals
  1. a eight small bones held together by ligaments to form wrist
  2. b breaking down larger molecules into smalled ones
  3. c 14 bones forming the fingers
  4. d five lone, thin bones that form the hand
  5. e corner of the mouth, draws the mouth up and out as grinning

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  1. located mid-forearm, on the inside of the arm, bends wrist and close the fingers
  2. junctions across which nerve impuleses pass
  3. chest,
  4. study of bones
  5. eliminates wasted from the body

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  1. supinatorbone located on the pinky side of the lower arm


  2. right atriumknown as right auricle


  3. occipital boneeither side of the head, directly above the ears and below the parietal bones


  4. abductor musclesseparates the fingers


  5. cardiovascular, blood vascular systemcircles the eye socket and close the eyelid