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  1. epicranius
  2. procerus
  3. metabolism
  4. quadratus labii superioris
  5. zygomatic
  1. a between eyebows across bridge of the nose, draws brows down and wrinkles the area across the bride of the nose
  2. b chemical process by which cells receive nutrients for cell growth and reproduction
  3. c malar, forms upper cheek and the bottom of the eye socket
  4. d occipito-frontalis formed by 2 muscles joined by the aponeurosis tendon
  5. e upper lip, and raises both the nostrils and the upper lip

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  1. located below the lower lip, pulls the lower lip down or to the side
  2. carries food, waste products and hormones
  3. produce movement through contraction and extension
  4. known as right auricle
  5. runs parallel to the ulna, turns the palm up

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  1. excretory systemeliminates wasted from the body


  2. thoracic vertebraeseven bones that form the top of the spinal column


  3. mitosishuman cells reproduce by dividing in half


  4. bicepprimary muscle in the front of the upper arm


  5. mentaliswhat turns nutrients into energy for the body to use or store for later use