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  1. origin
  2. left ventricle
  3. procerus
  4. cells
  5. muscles
  1. a lower left chamber of the heart
  2. b between eyebows across bridge of the nose, draws brows down and wrinkles the area across the bride of the nose
  3. c begins, non-moving attaches to bone
  4. d produce movement through contraction and extension
  5. e basic units of life, composed of protoplasm

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  1. colorless gel-like, contains water,salt, and nutrients from food
  2. the heart, function is involuntarily
  3. known as right auricle
  4. either side of the head, directly above the ears and below the parietal bones
  5. outer surface of the cell

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  1. metacarpalsshoulder blade


  2. hyoidspongy bone between the eyes that forms nasal cavity


  3. caninuscontrol center of cell activities; reproduction


  4. metabolismbreaking down larger molecules into smalled ones


  5. synapesejunctions across which nerve impuleses pass