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  1. protoplasm
  2. pericardium
  3. frontal bone
  4. cytoplasm
  5. auricularis posterior muscle
  1. a located behind the ear
  2. b tough outer membrane that encases the heart
  3. c colorless gel-like, contains water,salt, and nutrients from food
  4. d where ithe nucleus is located
  5. e forehead

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  1. surrounded by the cell membrane
  2. circulated lymph through lymph glads, lymph nodes and vessels
  3. bands of fibrous tissue that attach the muscles to the bone
  4. back of the skull, indenting above the nape
  5. primary muscle in the front of the upper arm

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  1. sphenoid bonebehind the eyes and nose and connects all the bones of cranium


  2. auricularis superior musclelocated in front of the ear


  3. hyoidadams apple


  4. adductor musclesseparates the fingers


  5. dilatoropens, enlarges or expands