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____ ____ was a system of production were workers worked from home to produce goods.
Cottage Industries
An association comprised of people with similar interests or professions is a _____.
A resting place on a stagecoach route where travelers could get a meal and a bed for a night was called a ____ ____.
Cooking Inn
The process of making milk safe to drink is called ____.
One of two cooking guilds that established many of the cooking and professional standards still used today is called the ____ ____ ____.
Chaine De Rotisseries
The first building in the United States to open as a hotel opened in New York City in 1794 and was called the ____ ____.
City Hotel
The sole purpose of a medieval dinner was to ____.
The time between the end of the Roman Empire and the start of the Renaissance is known as the ____ ____.
Middle Ages
The original term for a restaurant was ____.
____ ____ was an ancient Roman gourmet who is said to have written one of the earliest cookbooks.
Marcus Apicius
The first quick-service restaurant,____ ____, opened in 1921.
White Castle
____ ____ is known as the father of canning, because he invented a way to can food and keep it safe and fresh.
Nicolas Appert
____ ____ ____ allows those who want to eat at home without cooking an option.
Home Meal Replacement
An early explorer who introduced spices such as curry and cardamon to Europe was ____ ____.
Marco Polo
An elaborate and refined system of food preparation is known as ____ ____.
Haute Cuisine
Private clubs visited by ancient Greeks were called ____.
____ was the home of the first coffee house, which opened in 1650.
____ ____ ____ introduced the French to the fork and use of silverware during the Renaissance.
Catherine de Medici
An assembly line process developed after the Gold Rush to quickly and cheaply serve food to a large number of diners is a _____.
The scientific revolution that came after the Renaissance was known as the ______.
The time in history that demonstrated a renewed interests in all things Greek and Roman was the _____.
Establishments in ancient Greece that catered to travelers, traders, and diplomats were called ____.
A lodging operation typically found along highways and offers a place to sleep, bathe, and eat is a ____.
In 1837, the ______ opened a group of restaurants in Manhattan, beginning the first restaurant chain.
Delmonico Brothers
The Harvey House Restaurant opened in ______ to serve the need of travelers on the transcontinental railroad, becoming one of the most popular restaurants of the time.
Topeka, Kansas
Roy Allen and Frank Wright sold the rights to allow people to sell their root beer. This action created the first ______.
Franchise Company
_______ partnered with the McDonald's brothers to franchise their hamburger operation. By 1963 there were over 500 McDonald's locations in the United States.
Norman Brinker opened the first _____ restaurant, a full-service restaurant to serve middle class customers.
Steak and Ale
The ______ group operates Red Lobster, Olive Garden, and Bahama Breeze restaurants.
Dardew Restaurant
The first _____ opened in Seattle, Washington, in 1971. Starbucks currently has more than 16,000 stores worldwide.
______ founded the Lettuce Entertain You Enterprises in the early 1970s.
Richard Melman
One of the first national fine dining chains is ______, which was found by Ruth Fertel in the late 1970s.
Ruth's Chris Steak House
The first _____ restaurants opened in 1921 in Wichita, Kansas.
White Castle
An aspect of the industry expected to grow as baby boomers age, includes hospitals, long-term care facilities and assisted living.
Health Services
Provides food service for everything ranging from special events to large events including golf tournaments, weddings, and dinners.
Serving over 1 million meals a year at location all over the world.
A gathering of people who have something in common and meet annually.
Provides food option to tourists who choose shopping as a recreational activity.
A place offering exhibits, rides, entertainment, and other attractions, often with a theme connecting everything.
Theme Park
Provides foodservice ranging from a light breakfast to gourmet meals for over night guest that stay at a property.
______ founded the Lettuce Entertain You Enterprises in the early 1970s.