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V. To grasp or hold tightly

On the roller coaster I clutched on to the handle bars.


V. To stoop with bent knees

While playing dodge-ball I crouched so I wouldn't get hit with the ball.


Adj. Likely to

It is liable that tomorrow will rain.


N. A person with exceptional talent

Michael Jackson is a very remembered prodigy.


N. A race in which several team members take turns running to complete the race

In relays people work in teams to win.


N. A close friend

In movies hero's always has sidekicks to help them out.


V. To work together on a project

Without collaborating, work never gets done.


V. To speak highly of; to praise; to recommend

I commend my phone to your care.


V. To act according to a command or request

They asked him to leave and he complied.


N. Bitter, abusive criticism

Your diatribe to her meal was not nice.


Adj. Bold and disrespectful

Sometimes little kid are very impudent.


N. A suggested plan

I made a proposition with my mom telling her that I will eat all my vegetables.


N. Necessary supplies; food

Sometime when hurricanes hit a certain place people have to buy emergency provisions.


N. Payment demanded for the release of a person or property

When people but houses they ask for ransom's.


N. An abnormal alteration

Alien are examples of aberration.


Dirty or discolored

The old house in my street is very dingy.


Adj. Very small; tiny

Ants are the most minuscule things I have ever seen.


N. The quality of being proper; Appropriateness

In fancy restaurants it nice to be propriety.


A state of extreme confusion or agitation

When people drink too much coffee they turmoil.


Unpleasantness; Disgusting quality

When something is usually vileness its probably expired.

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