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Flash Sterilization
Process by which unwrapped instruments are sterilized for immediate use when an emergency situation arises: (not packaged)
Implantable Devices
Should not be flash sterilized
The best choice for high level disinfection of instruments
The part of a cell that enables it to move through liquid
Devices cannot be sterilized
When soil remains on a device after cleaning
Bacteria that causes diseases
Quaternary Ammonium Compounds (quats)
Low Level disinfectant also known as wetting agent
Consignment Method
The inventory control method in which the supplier owns the ineventory, stores it at the healthcare facility, and does not charge the healthcare facility for it until it is used or lost
Ethlyne Oxide
Of the 3 major low low temperture sterilants ______ has the longest instrument turn over time
Inventory Turnover Rate
The number of times per year that inventory is purchased, consumed, and replaced
Radio Frequency I.D (RFID)
Tracking method which provides real time information
Joint Commision
Requires preventive maintenance standards to be established for medical equipment
How frequently should a sterilizer's drain strainer be removed?
The part of a cell that controls cell function
A step in communication that occurs when a listener sks a question or repeats information is called
Involuntary Muscles
Work without consciousness
The method of wrapping that creates a package within a package
100% ethylrnr oxide gas canisters should be stored:
In a chemical storage cabinet
Wicking Material
Approved absorbant material that allows for air removal, steam penetration, and that facilitates drying
Wetting Agent
Subtances that reduces the surface tension of a liquid, and allows the liquid to penetrate or spread more eaily accross the surface
The term "superheated steam" means
Dry Steam
Chemical which kills most pathiogenic organisms
D- Value
The amount of time that it takes to kill 90% of the microorganisms present on an object
400 series stainless steel is also call:
Beside or near
ortho-Phthalaldehyde Solution high level disinfectant for semi-critical medical devices
The organization that sets recommended practices and standards for care and processing of devices and systems
Hypothermia Unit
This unit pumps heated or cooled water through a coiled pad to therpapeutically raise or lower body temperature
Mechanical Monitor Charts/Printouts
Which of the following sterilization quality assurance measurements is designed to provide a written record of sterilizer cycle activity
Hyrdo Peroxide Gas Plasma Sterilizer
Cellulosic material (paper, cotton, linen) cannot be processed in:
Abbreviation relationg to a fractured bone
Biological Indicators
Tests which use live bacterial spores to challenge the ifficacy of the sterilization process and provide a direct measure of lethality
Lipase Enzymes
These are used to breakdown fatty deposits and adipose tissue on instruments
The Safe Medical Devices Act
Requires that the healthcare facility report malfunctions of medical devkces that have contributed to patient injury, illness, and or death to the manufacturer
Instrument (biopsy)
The largest operating channel of an endoscope
A system used to treat the final rinse water used for cleaning
Medical Device report regulation
Chemical indicators are classified by the FDA as ______ devices
Class II
In an ABC Inventory Control System, "A" items represent
the smallest number of items and largest dollar value
Rod shaped bacteria
Floors in the Central Service Department should be
wet-mopped daily
Binary Fission
Process by which microorganisms are reproduced
Purified water should have a ph of
The absence of microorganisms
Carry blood from the heart
Pick-n-pack system
The arrangement of plastic-paper pouches in the sterilizer, the pouches should be arranged _____
What can be removed from water when reverse osmosis process is used
Bacteria, Pyrogens, and Endotoxins
In the event of a load recall, information about specific load contents can be obtained from:
The Sterlization Log
The Mechanical Convection Sterilizer
The most efficient type of dry heat sterlizer
Bacteria that grow well at body temperature and are often pathogenic to humans
Water softners are used to remove ____ in the water.
calcium and magnesium
The removal of a kidney
Which type of scope is used to visualize the lower part of the large intestine?
Sterile packages should be stored no lower than ____ inches from the floor
To acheive a reasonable level of disinfection, alcohol used as an intermediate-level disinfectant must remain in wet contact with the surface of the object being disinfected for a minimum of ____ minutes
Common Vehicle
A mode of bacterial transmission that would take place whne and infectious agent was transmitted through a item such as food or water
Agency which may intervene in a mtter of worker protection even if there are no specific regulations covering the situation
When using the pH scale which number would suggest the most alkaline?
Blood-soaked sponges
regulated medical waste
Bacteria that grow wll in warm temperatures (122 F- 158F)
Regulated medical waste
Must be red bagged
A system which involves the transfer of control of the healthcare facility's equipment management to an external entity
Inventory Service Level
The percentage of item filled (available) when an order is placed
This prion is of special concern to Central Service Techs becauase it cannot be destroyed by normal sterilization cycles
What types of carts/baskets should be used in an EtO sterilizer?
What would be the best choice for cleaning walls fixtures and floors in the Decontamination area?
Prefered instrument marking method recommended
The agency responsible for Pre-Market requirements of medical devices is:
The knee is an example of a
hinge joint
Used to slow the growth of bacteria on living tissue such as skin.
Flash sterilization is not reccommended by:
Info on each package that identifies the date of sterilization, the sterilizer, and the sterilizer cycle run is contained in the:
Load Control Number
Negative Test
Successfully killed all the bacteria spores in a biologiacal indicator
Two most common temperature used in steam sterilization are:
250 degrees -270 degrees -275 degrees F
Geobacillus Stearothermophilus
The spore used in testing of steam sterilization is
A class C fire involves
Energized electrical equipment
In order to elevate the temperature in a steam sterilizer, you must:
Increase the steam pressure
Process by which residual ethykene oxide is removed from sterilized items
Employees safety is regulated by:
Parenteral solutions are administered
The decontamination area of CS should have
10 complete air exchanges per hour
Bowie Dick
The test used to evaluate the efficasy of air removal in a dynamic-air-removal steam sterilizer
The 2 most common techniques of flat wrap packaging are
Square-fold and envelope-fold
Enzymes are used to
break down and remove heavy soil
The maximum density recommended for linen packs is:
7.2 pounds per square foot of pack
intercosto means
between the ribs
The white portion of the eye
SC should wash there hands at the minimum of
15 seconds
Master Gland
The physical method by which ultrasonic unit is cleaned
The physical method by which a washer/decontaminator cleans
The pH of a solution indicates it's
acidity or alkalinity
The trachea is part of the:
respiratory system
The pancreas is part of the:
Microorganisms that are capable of growing in free oxygen (requires oxygen)
Oscopy means
Visual Examination
Reconstructs the eardrum so soundwaves can be sent to the middle and inner ear
Cardiac Surgey
Flexible Cytsoscopes provide:
Visualization of the urethra and bladder
Impregnated Gauze Strips may be sterilized using:
Dry heat Sterilization
Microgrind, or Supercut Scissors are usually identified with:
Black Handles
Arthro means
The recommended air pressure for a CS decontamination area is
Negative air pressure
An Iodophor is a
Bufferd Iodine
Phenolics are often used to disinfect
Non Critical items
The minimum recommendation for the frequency of biological testing in steam sterilizers is
Weekly and in every load that contains an implant
Chemical Indicators
Designed to measure individual package penetration
Denotes a malignant tumor
Endocrine System
Controls growth and maintains body functions and chemical messengers
PCA Pump
A device that allows the auto administration of pain medication
Plastic Instruments
Should not be processed in an ultrasonic cleaner
Saturated Steam
Has a relative humidity of 97-100%
When using FIFO method of storage, each item should be:
Inspected for integrity before placing on or removing from the from the storage shelf
Whenever possible, sterile supplies should be transported:
In a closed cart
Voluntary international organization is dedicated to the prevention and control of infection
Chisels and Osteotomes should be tested using
A Plastic Dowel Rod
An _______ is a type of equipment used to clean, disinfect, and rinse flexible fiberoptic endoscopes.
Automatic endoscope reprocessor
Which packaging materials is not acceptable for use in steam sterilizatiom
Spunbond-polylefin combination pouches
Peracetic Acid
This liquid oxidizing agent is effective at low temperatures and often used to process endoscopes at point of use
Procedure performed by healthcare facilities to confirm that the sterilization validation undertaken by the equipment manufacturer is applicable to the specific setting
Strongly suggested for better pateint care, but not mandated. (no consequences)
Provide requirements imposed by the governmental agencies. (conseqeunces)
FDA (class I)
Low risks devices such as hand-held surgical instruments and ultasonci cleaners.
FDA (class II)
Include most types of sterilization equipment and biological and chemical indicators..
FDA (class III)
The are the most stringently regulated devices, include hear valves, pace makers, and other life-sustaining devices
FDA recall (class I)
High risk: product may cause serious health problems or death
FDA recall (class II)
Chance that product may cause temporary or reversible health problems
FDA recall (class III)
Little chance of causing health problems
Centers fo Disease control
(federal government agency works to promote the health and quality of life by preventing and controling disease, injury, and disablilty)
Department of Transportation
(federal government agency dedicated to ensuring a fast, safe and efficient transportation)
Environmental Protection Agency
(federal agency responsible for minimizing greenhouse gases and toxic emissions, for regulating the reuse of solid wastes for controling indoor indoor air polution and enforcing pesticide regulations)
Association for the Advancement of Medical Instrumentation
(Research and develop new or existing recommended practices and standards that address the use, care and processing of devices and systems)
American National Standards Institute
(Mission is to enhance the global competitiveness of US business and the American quality of life by promoting and facilitating voluntary consensus standards and ensuring their integrity)
Association of Operating Room Nurses