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a stream that flows into a large river or body of water

population density

the average number of people living in an area

ethnic group

a group of people who share the same ancestors, culture, language, or religion


the natives or first to live in the area

rain shadow

an area on the side of a mountain away from wind that recieves little rain fall

cultural exchange

a process in which different cultures share ideas or ways of doing things

cultural diversity

a wide variety of cultures


electric power produced by moving water, usually generated by releasing water from a dam across a river

transportation corridors

routes though which people can travel by foot, vehicle, rail, ship, or airplane


a number of cities and suburbs that blend into one very large urban area


the process of building new industries in an area dominated by farming; the devolpment of large indursties


a downturn in business activity and economic prosperty; not as servere as a depression


a person or group of people who want to seperate from their country or province or state


a cold, dry region covered with snow for more than half the year; a vast, treeless plain where the subsoil is always


land set aside for a specific purpose


a huge, slow-moving sheet of ice that fills valleys between mountains


the ways that goods and services are produced and made available by people

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