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Vocabulary Quiz #1 by Maria Noya

Vocabulary words for quiz #1.
Definition: v. To grasp or hold tightly.
Sentence: I clutched onto the railing as I looked down at the death defying height, afraid of falling and becoming light headed.
Definition: v. to stoop with bent knees.
Sentence: I watched the boy crouch as he fed the animals around the forest, what an odd boy.
Definition: adj. likely to.
Sentence: It was liable to rain today but instead of doing the logical thing and cancelling our plans to go to the beach we went anyway.
Definition: n. a person with an exceptional talent.
Sentence: Freddy Mercury and Kurt Cobain are examples of musical prodigies that revolutionized the music industry.
Definition: n. a race in which several team members take turns running to complete the race.
Sentence: I've never ran in a relay because honestly I run extremely slow and my team would lose horribly.
Definition: n. a close friend.
Sentence: People never give sidekicks any credit, they are always ignored and taken for granted as in the case of Batman and Robin.
Definiton: v. to work together on a project.
Sentence: Group projects usually don't workout because people don't collaborate so it usually ends up just being 1 or 2 people working.
Definition: v. to speak highly of; to praise; to recommend.
Sentence: My teacher commended me in front of the whole class for being the best student out of all her classes.
Definition: v. to act according to a command or request.
Sentence: I was asked to comply to the rules of the establishment unless I wanted to get kicked out.
Definition: n. bitter, abusive criticism
Sentence: I received diatribe after turning in my project for social studies because it fell apart after I was pushed and people stepped on it.
Definition: adj. bold and disrespectful
Sentence: Some people are viewed as impudent because they state their opinion and people view it as offensive.
Definition: n. a suggested plan.
Sentence: I had a proposition at work about cutting costs while maintaining good quality and I got a promotion.
Definition: n. necessary supplies; food.
Sentence: We left as refugees escaping the oppression and abominations in our country, taking only provisions and the little clothes we had on our backs.
Definition: n. a payment demanded for the release of a person or property.
Sentence: The abductor demanded a ransom for the safe return of the prime minister's young daughter.
Definition: n. an abnormal alteration.
Sentence: I asked the tailor to add a literal mermaid tail to my dress and she looked at me funny as this is an aberration.
Definition: adj. dirty or discolored.
Sentence: As I nervously walked into the eerie basement I felt an unearthly presence following my every move and the eyes of the dingy paintings stored down there were watching waiting for me to make a mistake.
Definition: adj. very small; tiny
Sentence: I heard the minuscule cat before I saw her, she was hidden behind the bushes all by herself and was no bigger than my hand.
Definition: n. the quality of being proper; appropriateness.
Sentence: The princess had a strong propriety because she didn't want to offend the locals or the King and Queen of the foreign country she was visiting.
Definition: n. a state of extreme confusion or agitation.
Sentence: There is a lot of turmoil in Venezuela right now because of the elections and people want Caprilles to win.
Definition: adj. unpleasantness; disgusting quality.
Sentence: There was a certain vileness in the soup that no one could quite put their finger on.

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