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Public Worship


Faith Enthusiasm Belief Passion



Churches came from them

333 years

How long did they colonized the country?


the year when the spaniards came


when we where free from the spaniards

Mass Singers

During The Spanish Period this was formed

All Boys Choir

The Choir when its Spanish Period


Other Name For All Boys Choir

Marcelo Adonay

The Greatest Composer of original liturgical music during the spanish period

Marcelo Adonay

the Palestrina of the philippines

Las Pinas

Bamboo organ

Used During Mass

Music for liturgy

Used during religious activities

music for devotion


traditionally sung by a young man to a young woman outside the woman's house as a confession of his love to her.


song in the triple time, can be of any topic: love, resentment or social commentary


art song about the love of a man for a woman

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