Ch 3 migration

82 terms by IsabelMaria98

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1) The ability to move from one location to another is

B) Mobility

2) A permanent move to a new location is

A) Migration

3) A country has net in-migration if emigration ________ immigration.

D) Less than

4) Refugees
migrate primarily because of which type of push factor?

C) Cultural

5) Which of the following events would be considered a migration pull factor?

A) Revolutionary takeover of a government

6) Several million Irish migrated in the 1840s primarily because

B) disasturous economic conditions pushed them out of the country

7) According to the U.S. Committee for Refugees, the two largest groups of international
refugees are

B) Palestinian and Afghan

8) According to the U.S. Committee for Refugees, the two largest groups of internal refugees
are in

C) Sudan and Colombia

9) Millions of West Africans who migrated to Nigeria during the 1970s, when the country's
economy expanded, were expelled during the 1980s, when the country's economy declined.
This is an example of

D) A pull factor changing to a push factor

10) The most important pull factor for migrants to North America is

A) Economic

11) A physical feature, such as a body of water, which hinders migration is an example of

C) An intervening obstacle

12) Which factor usually induces voluntary migration?

A) Economic

13) People are forced to migrate primarily because of which factor?

D) Cultural

14) The purpose of the enclosure movement in England was to

A) promote more efficient agriculture.

15) Millions of Europeans were forced to emigrate from their farms because of

C) forced consolidation of farms

16) The most popular destination for voluntary migrants from Great Britain has been

C) North America

17) Most migrants to the United States during the peak of the 1840s and 1850s came from which
part of Europe?

B) North and West

18) Most migrants to the United States during the peak of the late nineteenth century came from
which part of Europe?

C) South and East

19) Most migrants to the United States during the early twentieth century came from which part
of Europe?

C) South and East

20) Most migrants to the United States during the late 1970s and early 1980s came from

A) Africa

21) Which country is the second leading source of U.S. immigrants from Latin American?

B) Cuba

22) Norwegians were most likely to immigrate to the United States

C) 1880s and 1890s

23) Migration to the United States declined during the 1920s primarily because of

C) imposition of quota laws

24) The main impact of the 1920s quota laws on the national origin of immigrants to the United
States was to

B) Admit mostly from Europe

25) The largest numbers of recent immigrants to the United States are

C) Relatives of U.S Residents

26) Brain drain is

A) the large-scale emigration of talented people.

27) Most Asians are currently migrating to the United States through the process of

C) chain migration

28) The largest number of legal immigrants to the United States come from what country?

A) Cuba

29) The largest number of undocumented immigrants to the United States come from what

B) Mexico

30) The destination for most undocumented immigrants entering Mexico is

B) to work on fruit plantations

31) According to the 1986 Immigration Reform and Control Act, undocumented immigrants

A) permitted to become legal residents.

32) Pollero or coyote is a term for

B) someone who helps undocumented Mexicans to immigrate

33) Guest workers in Europe and the Middle East are

B) low status foreigners

34) Most European guest workers come from which part of Europe?

E) South and East

35) Most European guest workers head for which part of Europe?

B) North and west

36) The largest level of interregional migration in the United States was caused by the

D) the opening up of western territories

37) The U.S. center of population has moved steadily to the

D) West

38) Which is a current intraregional migration trend in the United States?

B) Urban to suburban

39) The largest interregional migration in the United States of African-Americans has been

A) South to North

40) Large-scale migration occurred in Southeast Asia after 1975 primarily because of

B) communist victory

41) Many of the refugees from Vietnam became known as the

A) boat people.

42) The United States has received the lowest number of refugees from which of these countries?

C) Haiti

43) Migration to the United States increased from Europe after 1800 in part because of

B) expanded economic opportunities during the Industrial Revolution.

44) Guest workers in Europe come from

E) Asia, North Africa, East Europe, Middle East

45) The Brazilian government encouraged interregional migration by

D) Moving the capital to Brasilia

46) In the United States, which is likely to cause virtually all population growth in the next
couple of decades?

B) Net-in migration

47) An example of a government limiting migration is

A) The state of Assam

48) The most prominent type of intraregional migration in the world is

E) rural to urban

49) Suburbanization of more developed countries is due to

C) desire to change lifestyl

50) Counterurbanization is

C) migration to rural areas and small towns

51) Many of the first Europeans to settle in Australia migrated to serve jail sentences which is
the combination of which push and pull factors?

A) cultural push, economic pull

52) The difference between the number of people migrating to a place and the number leaving is called net migration.


53) The three major kinds of push factors are political, economic, and environmental.


54) The most common environmental threat to people comes from too much or too little water.


55) Most migration occurs because of a combination of push and pull factors.


56) In recent years, the immigration quota has been sufficient to accommodate all people who wish to migrate to the United States.


57) People who migrate to another country are more likely to be better educated than average.


58) Most illegal immigrants to the United States are young Mexican men.


59) The major reason for illegal immigration to the United States is to escape political persecution.


60) Only a small percentage of Africans shipped as slaves to the Western Hemisphere ended up in the United States.


61) Migration patterns vary among the ethnic groups of Chinese.


62) Historically, the center of population in the United States has moved a long distance to the west but not a long distance to the south.


63) Migration is more likely to be from rural to urban areas within less developed countries, but from urban to rural areas in more developed countries.


64) The most important type of internal migration within the United States is from urban to suburban.


65) Most Asian immigrants in the United States are single young men trying to find work.


66) Positives toward immigrants in the United States are seen in new laws affording immigrants opportunities.


67) There is little distinguishable difference between economic migrants and refugees, except in the way they are granted admittance to a new country.


68) List the three types of migration push and pull factors.

Environmental, Cultural, Economical

69) Which of the three migration factors has been the most important pull factor for immigrationto the United States?


70) Name one of the two countries which sent 75 percent of all immigrants to the United States during the 1840s.

Ireland and Germany

71) After 1900, from what part of Europe did ninety percent of the immigration to the United States come?

Great Britain

72) During the 1980s, which country provided the largest number of LEGAL immigrants to the United States?


73) During the 1980s, what country provided the largest number of ILLEGAL immigrants to the United States?


74) Migration to the United States declined in the 1920s as a result of new laws. What did these laws do?

Limited the number of people who could immigrate to the U.S from each country during a 1 year period (Quota Laws)

75) Several million people have migrated to the United States illegally in recent years. Why have most of these people come to the United States?

To escape persecution, also economic success

76) Briefly describe the distinguishing characteristic of urbanization.

Economic advancement, work in factories or service industries, buildings, apartments are more common, some place you are charged to park your car, lots of technology, more industries.

77) Describe suburbanization in more developed countries.

A detached house with a private yard, garage or driveway on property, no charge to park cars, schools are more modern and better equipped.

78) Why has the major source of immigrants to the United States changed over time?


79) Describe changes in the movement of the U.S. center of population and reasons for those changes

Moved down and to the west due to the settling of the west

80) List the major push and pull factors in migration and give examples of each.

Environmental pull factor-warm clime, push factor-to little or to much water , Cultural pull factor- religious freedom push factor-persecution of a religion, Economic pull factor- lots of jobs, push factor- few job opportunities.

81) Describe the major intraregional and interregional migration patterns within the United States in recent years.


82) Describe the similarities and differences between illegal immigrants to the United States and guest workers in Europe.

Illegal immigrants are not allowed to work guest workers can
illegal immigrants go unidentified guest workers are known
illegal immigrants tend to stay in a country guest workers are there for a limited amount of time.

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