Psychology 319 : Chapter 6

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Exam 2

Which of the following works were most influential in the development of functionalism?

a. Quetelet's and Galton's work in statistics
b. The work of Darwin and Galton and comparative research
c. Wundt's and Titchener's systems
d. The comparative research of physiologists and Darwin's work
e. Weber's and Fechner's work in psychophysics

b. The work of Darwin and Galton and comparative

Why, after many centuries of accepting biblical stories, did scholars question the one about Noah's ark?

a. No inland body of water would hold such a vessel.
b. The giraffe's neck had become too long after generations of having to reach for higher and higher branches to find food.
c. Because the attitude of positivism allowed for no supernatural explanations.
d. Galton's work in statistics showed that it was mathematically impossible.
e. There were too many identified species to fit two of each into a boat.

e. There were too many identified species to fit two of each into a boat.

The most fundamental point of Darwin's theses was the ________.

a. heritability of variations
b. tenet of survival of the fittest
c. normal distribution of traits in a population
d. process of natural selection
e. fact of variation among members of the species

e. fact of variation among members of the species

In the study of finches' beaks, the biologists Peter and Rosemary Grant found that ________.

a. in only one generation, natural selection produced a better-adapted species
b. All of the choices are correct.
c. when heavy rains became common, birds with slender beaks flourished
d. Darwin had underestimated the power of natural selection
e. under drought conditions, more thick-than thin-beaked birds survived and reproduced

b. All of the choices are correct.

The influence of Darwin's work can be seen most directly in ________.
a. animal psychology
b. None of these.
c. comparative psychology
d. All of these.
e. functionalism

c. comparative psychology

The early 20th-century American government policy of sterilizing mentally retarded females is an example of ________.
a. product-moment correlations
b. natural selection
c. Darwin's theory of evolution
d. artificial selection
e. eugenics

e. eugenics

Who was the first to show that human mental characteristics followed a normal distribution?
a. Quetelet
b. Galton
c. Cattell
d. Huarte
e. Pearson

b. Galton

Galton found that a substantial proportion of word associations were evidence of ________.

a. the effects of childhood experiences on the adult
b. empiricism as purported by Locke and Mill
c. Ebbinghaus's decay theory of memory
d. rationalism as purported by Berkeley, Kant, and Descartes
e. Müller's interference theory of memory

a. the effects of childhood experiences on the adult

According to ________, animals have no soul and thus are automata.
a. Romanes
b. Darwin
c. Morgan
d. Galton
e. Descartes

e. Descartes

Despite Romanes's deficiencies in methodology, he is respected by scientists for his ________.

a. critical thinking regarding the inner workings of the animal mind
b. reliance on experimentation
c. subjective interpretations
d. stimulation of the development of comparative psychology
e. phenomenological psychology

d. stimulation of the development of comparative psychology

Introspection by analogy

A technique for studying animal behavior by assuming that the same mental processes that occur in the observer's mind also occur in the animal's mind.

Mental tests

Tests of motor skills and sensory capacities; intelligence tests use more complex measures of mental abilities.

Jean Lamarch


Darwin's physical symptoms when in England


Malthus prediction


Huxley science and religion


Darwin and individual differences


Galton and individual differences


Galton's Hereditary Genius




Galton and paranoid disorders


Wundt and animal intelligence


natural selection






HMS Beagle


Alfred Wallace


random mutation


heritable variation


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