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Chapter 2 October 2012

what rivers passed through the Fertile Crescent?

Tigris and euphrates

what the ancient Greeks called the land between the Tigris and Euphrates


what does Mesopotamia mean?

land between the river

where do the Tigris and the Euphrates empty?

Persian gulf


loose soil carried by water

when was the flood season in Mesopotamia?


when was the drought season in Mesopotamia?

spring and summer


period of time without rain

what technology helped address the problem of drought?

levee and irrigation


wall that keeps water in the river bank


canals to bring water to crops

what was in the Mesopotamian diet?

herbs, fruit, beans,vegetables

what happened when the forests that stretched from the Mediterranean to Persian gulf was cut down?



wearing away of soil due to wind or water

how did Mesopotamian farmers alter the land?

dug Canals, made levees, cut down trees

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