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The cities of Sumer the Fertile Crescent lesson 2 grade 6

Chapter 2 October 2012
the area in south Mesopotamia with a dozen small cities
what did all Sumerians do the same?
worship similar gods and had similar customs
what are 3 Sumerian inventions?
wheeled vehicles and writing(cuneiform) and sail boats
a system of writing that used symbols
what did Sumerians make pens from?
river reeds
what did you learn in Sumerian school?
letters and math
official writer
self government city that also governs nearby villages
what protected city states?
thick mud brick walls
a flattened pyramid with a temple on top
belief in more than one god/goddess
Sumerian scribe and priestess
king of kish father of enheduana, created the first great empire
group of lands and people ruled by one government
facts about Sargon empire
he united independent city states, he extended his rule to the north and west, he built a new capital AkkadorAgada, he ruled for 50 years,he sent messages and laws across his kingdom
what was a wealthy Sumerian home like
large with mud bricks, slaves
what were poor Sumerian homes like?
small mud brick huts with reed mats for sleeping everyone worked
what did Sumerian do for pleasure?
board games, music, festivals
how did the wheel affect summers economy
speed of trading process and quicker transportaion
what was Sumerian family life like?
ather head of family,
mother obedient,
son taught to be head of household,
daughter taught to be obedient wife