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the european nation that first established direct contact with black africa

El Mina

where the most important early portuguese trade forts are located

Kongo Kingdom

the african kingdom that was most successfully converted to christianity by portuguese missionaries


name the portuguese colony which became the basis for the portuguese colony established at luanda


the year the first slaves were brought to portugal from africa

sugar plantations

the development that led to an intensification of the portuguese involvement in the african slave trade

12 million

the best estimate of the number of africans shipped across the atlantic between 1450 and 1850

18th century

the century that the atlantic slave trade reached its zenith in terms of numbers of africans exported


the region in the americas that recieved more slaves than any other between 1550 and 1850

5 - 10%

the average profitability of english slave trade in the late 18th century


the large african state that developed in western africa during the period of the atlantic slave trade

Osei Tutu

the ruler whose rule was achieved among numerous Akan clans of Asante


a title created to designate the supreme civil and religious leader

The Luo people at Bunyoro

who and where an example of the acceptance of Nilotic peoples as ruling dynasties among the bantu

sufi variant

the variant of islam the muslim reform movement of the 1770s that swept through the trade networks in senegambia and the western sudan practiced

Hausa kingdom

the african kingdom that usuman dan fodio began a rebellion in 1804

Sokoto state

the caliphal state that was created from usuman dan fodio's rebellion


area least affected by slave trade

dutch east india company

the group in 1652 that established a colony at the cape of good hope


the leader who in 1818 assumed leadership in hte zulu cheifdom of the Nguni people of southern africa

18 - 20%

average mortality for slaves shipped to the americas in the atlantic slave trade

middle passage

slave voyage to the americas

obeah, candomble, vodun

african religions transported to the americas

william wilberforce

an opponent to slave trade

indies piece

a title for a healthy man

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