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Systems throughout the body.

Integumentary System

skin, hair, nails
covers the body; regulates body temp; creates structures for sensation.

Skeletal System

basic framework of the body
protects & supports
bones, joints, cartilage

Muscular System

skeletal muscles attach to bones; maintains posture; helps us move

Nervous System

brain, spinal cord, nerves & sensory organs

Endocrine System

contains glands that secrete hormones; chemical substances regulate body activities

Circulatory System

blood, heart & blood vessels
pumps/transports blood; carries to all body cells; carries waste away from cells

Lymphatic System

lymph nodes, lymphatic vessels, lymph & other lymphoid organs
fluid balance; defense against pathogens & other foreign material

Immune System

an elaborate defense system; protects from pathogens, allergens & our own cells that have gone awry. (cancer cells)

Respiratory System

lungs & other structures that carry/conduct air to & from lungs

Digestive System

made up of organs designed to ingest food
breaks food down into substance that can be absorbed; eliminates the rest as waste

Urinary System

kidneys & other structures
helps excrete waste; controls water & electrolyte balance in the body

Reproductive System

organs & structures that enable humans to reproduce

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