24 terms

History Midterm Questions

24. Which of the following groups was most likely to support the anti
imperialists of 1898?- New England Democrats
1. Most of the state constitutions after the American Revolution
Included the declaration of Rights
2. The articles of confederation
Jealously guarded the sovereignty at the expense of national power
3. The controversy which delayed ratification of the articles of confederation involved
The disposition of western land
4. He was considered the most important political figure of the confederation period
Robert Morris
5. Under the terms of the ______, an orderly process for laying out lands and towns in the western territory was established
Land ordinance of 1785
6. The most important accomplishment of Congress under the Articles of Confederation was its
Passage of ordinances organizing the northwest territory
7. The northwest ordinance of 1787
Defined the process by which a territory became a state
8. During the Confederation period, nationalists were people who
Called for major constitutional reforms that would strengthen the national government
9. Which of the following was NOT a criticism of American government under the articles of confederation?
That it gave too much power to a central government
10. The European philosopher whose ideas supported the theory of state sovereignty was
11. The most brilliant American political theorist of the post
revolutionary period was- James madison
12. The most important result of the Annapolis Meeting of 1786 was
The nationalists' recommendation to congress for a convention to revise the Articles of Confederation
13. Shays rebellion involved
Discontented farmers in Massachusetts
14. The constitutional Convention took place in
15. An important procedural decision approved at the opening of the constitutional convention involved
The decision to keep deliberations as secret as possible
16. The Virginia plan was the handiwork of
James madison
17. The plan proposed by William Paterson
Was strongly supported by Madison and his colleagues
18. The ____ proposed a unicameral congress in which the states would be represented equally
New Jersey Plan
19. Under his intellectual guidance, the Constitutional Convention formed a new government
James Madison
20. The compromise which resolved the dispute between the large and the small states included each of the follow EXCEPT
All bills pertained to taxation or spending would begin in the upper house
21. At the constitutional convention, the question of slavery
Threatened to disrupt and destroy the work of the convention
22. Regarding slavery, one of the constitutional convention's most important decisions
Permitted to outlaw the importation of slaves in 1808
23. The three
fifths rule concerned the issue of- Slavery