20 terms

132 le gusta

has to study
tiene que estudiar
wants to study
quiere estudiar
yells at him/her
le grita
she likes
le gusta
she doesn't like
no le gusta
Does she like...?
¿Le gusta?
she can't sleep
no puede dormir
she can sleep
puede dormir
she yells
le grita
she says
le dice
she has to listen
tiene que escuchar
she wants to listen
quiere escuchar
she likes to listen
le gusta escuchar
she needs to listen
necesita escuchar
she yells at the teacher
grita al profesor
she throws a book at the window
tira un libro a la ventana
va a la tienda
she goes to the store
she buys a hat
compra una gorra
she picks up a hat
recoge la gorra
she puts on the glasses
se pone los lentes